Workout Motivation For Females: 10 Tips To Overcome Lack Of Fitness Motivation

I’ve always been an active person, right from when the 14 year old me began her own fitness journey. Staying true to your workouts is never easy and I find it gets harder with time.
In the initial stage, everything feels so fun and new. But the same routine can get monotonous and repetitive. There seems like no point in getting up and doing the same thing, especially if you don’t see any results.Woman Using Tips From Workout Motivation For Females In The Gym

I tried many ways to battle the unenthusiastic feelings I was getting.

And it turns out, workout motivation for females is quite easy to attain. Keep these ideas in mind the next time lethargy pops up in your body!

1. Something is better than nothing.

Even high-profile athletes don’t feel energetic every single day. No matter what you do, some days you just won’t feel over the moon. Still in that case, be sure to fit in some type of activity. This could be a brisk walk, relaxing yoga or a 5-minute arm workout.

2. Keep a variety of routines to choose from.

Repeating the exact moves over and over again is bound to get you bored. I always like to have a couple of options open, from which I can do whatever my heart desires. Additionally, my entire workout gets changed after about a month. Discovering new forms of exercises helps to keep me challenged.

3. Reward yourself once you complete goals.

Fitness is a marathon not a sprint. So, achieving drastic changes will take time. To avoid succumbing to failure, break down those big dreams into smaller portions. Once you succeed in each aim, get yourself a little. This doesn’t just have to be a cheat meal, but a day off or a new pair of shoes works too.

4. Take it easy to avoid stepping into depression.

You only live once, so make the most out of it! There’s plenty of time to pursue dreams. However, getting stressed out will get in the way of those. Did you know the hormone cortisol, responsible for abdominal fat deposition, is released on high levels of tension? That means skipping the gym occasionally is totally okay.

5. Consistently update your activewear collection.

Active gear is something that goes through the laundry so frequently, that it tends to get worn out quicker than other items. As your body changes for the better, sizes can no longer fit too. Lastly, I find it hard to put in words, exactly how much of a mood-booster new clothes are for me.

6. Discover fresh podcasts or sports music to listen to.

Listening to some audio during exercise gets your mind off the pain, enabling more focus. Get that beast mode on! I don’t really prefer podcasts, but they do work better for others. If you need to refresh your playlist quickly, Cosmopolitan’s got your back with The 50 Best Workout Songs to to Motivate Your Next Gym Session.

7. Try changing the time you workout.

 Being half-awake in the mornings might actually help you to put up with intense burns, you never know. Experiment with different timings and see what makes you perform efficiently. A good session can be fit in the weirdest of times, like lunch break at work.

8. Think about group fitness programs or get a workout buddy.

Going through this alone isn’t necessary. Having some friends alongside might be the push you’ve been waiting for. Ambitions don’t have to be shared. You can do different exercises but still be physically together.

9. Change the place you workout.

If you’re tired of sweating it off at home try the gym, and vice-versa. Also, your options aren’t just limited to these two. Parks, backyards, swimming pools, forests, beaches and garages make equally great locations.

I am sure these 9 hacks will help you understand how to motivate yourself to workout when depressed or lazy.

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