Nice Workout Accessories To Try

Everyone has days when going to the gym feels impossible, which is perfectly normal once in a blue moon. But, regularly feeling low is a big problem. I’ve been through this phase myself. Apart from switching up your routine or buying new activewear, there’s also something else you can do.

I find that trying out new accessories gives further motivation. Different kinds of gadgets are constantly coming up, even in the fitness category. Plus they can increase one’s performance and functionality. Here are my most favourite workout additions!

Yoga Mat Strap

Feeling too lazy to bring your stuffed gym bag? Why not opt for a relaxing session on the exercise mat instead. With this special strap, it becomes easy to take activity to any desired place, from the gym to the park and even to a friend’s house. Your mat conveniently stays put and it gets easy to carry it around. Also, we can’t deny how chic it looks as opposed to randomly carrying it around with bare hands.

Running Belt Bag

We’ve all seen fanny packs and bum bags making huge fashion statements lately. Well, there’s a sports version of the same too. Belt bags can be used to carry small items such as phones, keys, etc while you exercise/run. Just make sure to get a good quality one which fits securely around the waist.

Workout Armband

Wireless earphones can truly be a game changer for working out. But. the latter may be too inexpensive to some or simply not their cup of tea. Another alternative is using armbands to place your phone in. This method is also great if you need to track your steps with health apps or connect to something else.

Foam Roller

These rollers are an effective way to get rid of and/or prevent muscle soreness, tightness, inflammation, pain, etc. Utilise a few minutes in your warm-up or cool down with this soft piece of equipment. You’ll end up feeling way more relaxed! 

Fitness Tracker

I’m sure you’ve seen a fitness freak sporting this kind of watch at least once. They’ve become insanely popular and with good reason. Fitness trackers essentially acts as trainers, managing every single move. Most inform you about metrics like heartbeat, calorie consumption and distance walked/ run. 

Jump Rope

With a skipping rope by your side, get ready to throw in some old school cardio! I always get so nostalgic about my childhood whenever this comes to my mind. Not only is this such a fun way to get some activity, but the benefits are manifold. Improved leg strength, stamina, coordination and balance are some of these.

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