What Body Shape Am I? Find It Out Right Now In Less Than 2 Minutes

No two women ever have the exact same type of body shape. Having said that, we can categorize them on many different levels (based on vital stats), it’s truly life-changing. So what body shape am I again, is most probably what’s lingering on all of our minds.
Self-knowledge about one’s own body can be incredibly helpful when it comes to making the right fashion choices and balancing out proportions. Here’s a quick to guide knowing your body type with measurements. Once you know what yours is, there’s a ton of helpful guides that await, like what to and not to wear! 
Woman Wondering What Body Shape Am I

Body Shape Test

Firstly, accurately measure the body parts given below (in inches) and take note. Make sure to wear minimal and tight clothing while you do this. 

  1. Shoulders- Hold the measuring tape across both shoulders as high as possible. It should not fall down or bend over at any point.
  2. Bust- Measure the fullest part of the breasts.
  3. Waist- See where your natural waistline appears to be i.e, the narrowest section.
  4. Hips- Use the widest part of the buttocks.

For learning a step-by-step method to measure each area, you can first check out how to get your body measurements by Dummies.

What Body Shape Am I

Before the calculate body shape process starts, remember that being confused between some is completely normal. Most people are a mix of several types, i.e the notion of completely perfect body shape doesn’t exist in reality. In such cases, it is important to think about your main features and compare them with the definitions.
For instance, if you’ve measured your bust, shoulders, and hips to be similar, but have a protruding waistline. Then, you wouldn’t be an ideal rectangle body shape (known for having the same bust and hips) but instead a circle (known for having a big waist).

Women’s Body Shape Types

1. Hourglass Shape

The Well Defined Body Of A Female Hourglass
Probably the most desired out of all, the hourglass is pretty simple to decode. Women in the category can expect to have:
  • The bust and shoulders are within 2 inches of each other
  •  The hip dimensions as slightly bigger, generally in excess of 4 inches from the either of the two upper body parts
  • While the waist is very defined, being 8+ inches less than everything.

2. Rectangle Shape

Straight Body Type Of Woman
I’ve been called straight (in the bodily context) multiple times, which is why I instantly knew I possessed this human body shape. Basically, rectangle shapes measure almost the same throughout, including the waist.
  • Bust and hips should be pretty much the same i.e, having a difference of fewer than 2 inches.
  • The waist and shoulders would also be well within their range, give or take 8 inches.

3. Pear Shape (Or Triangle)

Bottom Heavy Woman On Beach
Here we have it, the most common body shape of a female you’ll ever see. It is defined by:
  • A relatively minuscule upper body, the shoulders and bust can be almost anything
  • However, the hips are always more than 4 inches larger than the shoulders

4. Inverted Triangle Shape

Inverted Triangle Shaped Woman
In the beauty world, this is the literal opposite of the pear shape. Put in a bit of general knowledge and you’ll understand what I mean.
  • The bust and shoulders are much larger than the hips, again the difference exceeds 4 inches.
  • The waistline may or may not be defined.

5. Apple Shape

Woman With Apple Body On Beach
Lastly, is the apple body shape. Even if your waist measures just a tad higher, this is probably you.
  • The bust, shoulders, and hips are about the same size, within 4 inches.
  • The waist and/or stomach area is comparably big (by 2+ inches)

Apple-shaped females can appear a bit round in the mirror, but there are a lot of simple things that can be done to tackle the issue. My post Here’s How To Look Thin Instantly With 13 Correct Clothing Choices is an absolute must-read if you’re just beginning to explore. 

What Body Type Do I Have

Thanks for reading till the end. Please share this with your friends, family, and relatives. I would love it if you could drop me a comment to let me know how I can improve my content. And as always, I’m open to making new friends and connections with others.

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