9 Things To Get If You’re A Travel Lover

Some of us are quite fond of exploring the world, but it can be a very tiring hobby. Constantly jumping on one plane to another can cause jet-lag and strain. I’ve found that there’s many essentials that you should get your hands on, to make life a bit easier.

Item #1: A neck pillow

Unless you’ve got the money for business class, it’s a known fact that airplanes are not very comfy places to sleep in. Luckily, neck pillows and footrests (which are built-in sometimes) surely help.

Item #2: Shoe Covers

If you’re travelling for long, you may want to bring other shoes apart from the ones you’re wearing. Of course, you don’t just chuck them with the rest of your luggage. It then  makes sense to invest in a few of these covers.

Item #3: Collapsible Water Bottle

If you’re anything like me, you’d know the quench for thirst is real! With this bottle, one can easily fold it into a minuscule size when not in use, such as right before boarding. 

Item #4: Travel-sized Plastic Containers

So how do you transport the whole lot of products in your beauty routine? The answer to that is simple, with these mini-bottles. You can get different types, such as tube, lip balm tubs or spray bottles.

Item #5: Headphones Splitter

If you’ve got friends or family along with you, it can be a great idea to watch movies together on flight. 

Item #6: Powerbank

Trust me, you don’t really want to be stuck at an unfamiliar location with a dead phone. Powerbanks are a reliable source for phone charging. Once they’ve been fully charged, they can be used several times.

Item #7: Compact Hair Dryer

While you’re on-the-go at your favourite destinations, opting for blow-drying saves your precious time. Choose a travel-sized hair dryer that won’t take too much space or weight in your luggage.

Item #8: Eye Mask

Let me just tell you that this is SUPER helpful for blocking out unwanted light. 

Item #9: Universal Power Adapter

These ‘international’ adapters work at harnessing electricity from any part of the world you’re in. 

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