The 7 Best Hair Ties For Sports And Exercise 2022

Woman Wearing One Of The 7 Best Hair Ties For Sports

Having the right hair accessory is crucial for a good workout. I absolutely hate the feeling of my ponytail loosening up in the midst of physical activity. Hair ties with gripping properties really make a big difference! Apart from that, these aren’t likely to snag your strands and cause breakage.

Therefore, it’s always advised to some hairbands specifically for the gym. I tend to gravitate towards certain styles when purchasing these. Whether you’re performing HIIT cardio or simple yoga practice, you must wear one of the best hair ties for sports and exercise mentioned below.

1. Spiral Hair Ties

Invisi Bobble Hair Rings
Initially, their spiral shape may seem childlike. But as soon as you put one on, you’ll never want to take it off. Hair rings are pretty resistant and stay put even during intense movement. There are countless brands that make these, out of which invisibobble is the most notable.

2. Jelly Ponytailers

Scunci Jelly Ponytailers
Ultra-thin hair elastics with a smooth surface is where the name jelly seemingly comes from. And without a doubt, it’s what gives them a strong hold. You won’t even feel they’re on your hair.

3. Scrunchies

Scrunchie With Extra Tight Hold
There’s no doubt in how big of a fashion trend scrunchies currently are. Thanks to their tight grip, they also double up as a great workout accessory. All you need to do is steer clear of highly embellished or fancy types. Also, make sure they’re tight enough to be suited for this purpose.

4. Thin Headbands

Sporty Puma Headbands
Whether you fancy sporting these on their own or add it alongside your hairstyle, there’s no way to go wrong! These give a chic sporty vibe to your look. I’ve seen major brands like Nike and Under Armour make these for affordable prices.

5. Ribbon Hair Ties

Shimmery Ribbon Hair Ties
Don’t go by their fancy appearance. So-called ribbon hair ties are great for the girly fashionistas. I find that they’re usually quite secure. Otherwise, wrapping them around an additional time does the job.

6. Stretchy Rubber Bands

Sephora Stretchy Rubber Bands
Sephora does a great version of the kind of snag-free elastics I’m talking about. These are a nice alternative in case you want to keep a low-profile hairstyle. Other than plain black, white and clear colours can be found as well. 

7. Supergrip Hair Ties

Goody Slideproof Silicone Elastics
The Goody elastics feature several grips across its length that literally make it slide proof! Though this is the most famous product, you’ll find similar designs in every other store. 

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