Best Gifts For Teen Girls in 2020

Teen Girl Presents

Shopping can be a very daunting task, especially when you’re doing it for someone else. The matter gets even more complex when teenagers come into the picture. No two teenagers ever have the exact same taste. However, there are certain goods that interest all. In this article, you’ll find some of the most versatile options out there. I’ve included ones that are suitable for girly-girls and tomboys as well. Also, they are divided into 3 categories (based on the price) namely low-range, mid-priced and high-budget. Keep in mind that none of these items are ranked but just put together on a random basis.

a. Low Range

1. Personalised Portrait

Personal Photo Collage
If you’ve got some good pictures of her, especially with you, this makes a great choice. All you have to do is get a good photo frame, preferably of a big size, get a photo printed of that size and place it in. Some ways to make this gift even more personalised and memorable is to write your names on the photo, get the frame engraved or write the date.



2. Popsocket

Phone Popsocket
If the girls got a phone, the pop socket should already be in your list of ideas. They are very cheap, starting from around 10 US dollars and available at a similar price in most countries. Popsockets enable you to hold your phone easily in one hand, make it sit on a surface, prevent your phone from falling and add a great look to your phone. Apart from the classic invention, the company now provides various other options. These include pop wallets, personalised ones, car mounts, cases, pop chains, can holders, pop grip lips (that contain lip balm) and pop minis.

3. Customised Jewellery

Personalised Name Necklace
Over the past few years, name necklaces have become a hit amongst females. Not just that, charm bracelets, custom rings, etc have become very popular as well. These can get very expensive if you opt for pure gold, but most are very cheap. You should be looking for normal metal ones, sterling silver, copper or gold/silver plated ones.

4. Fragrance

Rose Flavoured Fragrance
Fragrances or perfumes are my go-to gifts because they are appropriate for everyone and look very classy. Obviously, there’s no price range for them and they can come for several hundreds of dollars. However, most good brand perfumes available at your local chemist are very affordable. Alternatively, you can also purchase body mists.


5. Headphones

6. Phone cover 

7. Backpack

8. Nail Polish Bottle Holder

9. Bath Bombs

10. EOS Lip Balm Set

11. Eyeshadow Palette

12. Makeup Brush Set

13. Powerbank

b. Mid-priced

14. Facial brushes

Facial Cleansing Brushes
Anyone who’s watched a couple of skincare routines on youtube knows what I’m talking about. Almost every other beauty guru uses these tools to wash their face. They are super convenient and only need their heads to be changed after about 6 months. The most known and cheapest of these all is the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa. It costs $40, has three interchangeable brushes and is highly-raved across the internet.

15. Polaroid 

Photo Polaroid
These ‘instant’ cameras instantly take me back to the old movies. Yep, those movie scenes when people would click a precious photo and it would immediately come out down from the other side. Polaroids are endless fun for the adventurous teen who loves to explore. They especially come in handy whilst travelling and make great memories. 

16. Nail Dryer

Woman Drying Her Nails
Who would’ve thought you’d come up with this great idea? The girly girls and fashionistas will be bedazzled once you hand over this magical equipment to them. They do come at ridiculously low prices too, but I’d suggest not to sacrifice the quality. Electrical items like this must be purchased from a great brand of good quality, otherwise, they stop functioning too soon.


17. Vanity Mirror

18. Fossil Watch

19. Amazon Echo Dot

20. Hair Curler/ Straightener/ Blow Dryer

c. High-range

21. Diamond Studs

Diamond Studs For Teenage Girl
These are a classic pair of accessories that I believe every girl needs. Most girls will love this simple and basic addition to their earrings collection.

22. Airpods

Woman Wearing Airpods
Every day I see at least a dozen people wearing these gadgets and they’ve slowly started to grow on me. Even Apple on seeing the fame it brought them, recently released the Airpods Pro, which has even more features. Apart from the existing awesome features, the pro ones have active noise cancellation, transparency mode, and sweat/water resistance. 

23. Dyson HairDryer

Dyson Hair Dryer
If you’re willing to splurge $400 on an absolute perfect hairdryer, then go for the one made by Dyson. Their unique shape and functioning make them stand out from the crowd. Consumers have claimed that it leaves the hair with more silk and shine. They’ve also introduced a complete styler set, that has brushes and curling wands as well.

24. Apple Watch/ Fitbit 

25. Beats (by Dr Dre) Earphones/Headphones

26. Instant Smartphone Printer

27. Smartphone

28. Tablet



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