6 Summer Fashion Trends For Every Girl

When it comes to fashion, the most exciting thing I look forward to is adopting new trends. Sure, cult  classics are equally important. But contemporary clothing can really freshen up our look. I’ve seen several fashion items come and go in stores, of which some are phenomenonal. Here I’ve put together 5 of my favourite pieces, that most girls would love to own.

TREND 1: Popper Track Pants/Shorts

The cool 90s popper trend made a huge comeback a few years ago. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock these anymore. Popper pants come in all price ranges, from an expensive Adidas pair to a super cheap one from Boohoo. 

TREND 2: Side Lace Up Bottoms

 All sorts of bottoms can have the lace up feature, including leggings, shorts, skirts and jeans. I find that these serve as a great look for fancy occasions. You can dress them up with heels or down with some sneakers.

TREND 3: Big Puffy Sleeves

I feel like a chic 1800s woman when I wear a puff sleeve blouse. These tops have recently made it big and we sure aren’t complaining. They give off a flirty vibe, no matter the length of the sleeve that has been used.

TREND 4: Long Denim Skirts

Mini denim skirts have always been a thing, but who knew midi and maxi lengths would take over! While shorter women might feel that they may lose even more height, I certainly dig these. A tight pair of midi denim with slit(s) is my absolute fav.

TREND 5: Bermuda Shorts 

Bermuda length bottoms on a woman used to be a rare sight. But now this style has taken over the fashion world. Commonly referred to as cycling shorts, you’ll find these in various materials and prints. 

TREND 6: Bra Tops

Bralettes, bra tops and tube tops are making a major statement this year, especially fancier silk or embellished ones. So don’t be afraid to show a bit of skin if you feel like it! 

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