4 Unique Ways To Style Hoodies

Hoodies have grown to become one of the trendiest pieces to wear in winter. They’re comfy and if styled well, can give off a great athletic vibe. However, pairing them with same items can get very boring and repetitive. Luckily, I’ve experimented and come up with several different ideas for styling sweatshirts. This’ll also be great to get more use out of each hoodie.

LOOK#1: With Shorts 

In my opinion, this works especially well in the fall months, where it’s not too cold outside. Another great thing to do is opting for an oversized hoodie for a more casual look. You can always complete the look with some cool accessories like a pair of sneakers and a backpack.

LOOK#2: With Leggings

The exact definition of comfy, it’s like the perfect airport look! In freezing temperatures, it doesn’t hurt to add on an extra jacket layer as well. Even slightly shorter hoodies look good with some leggings.

LOOK#3: With Sweatpants

Great for at-home or vacations, even if you don’t have the confidence to pull this off outdoors. I recommend going for a more tighter cropped hoodie to tone the whole lazy look down a bit.

LOOK#4: With A Tight Mini-Skirt

I had never imagined that this would be a cute combination. But it does work! And if you choose the right pieces, the outfit can come across as very polished. Again, the balance between a huge hoodie and short skirt looks very appealing. If you want an even bolder look, try adding a crossbody bag or thigh-high boots.


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