Daily Habits Which Make Your Brain Smarter Over Time

The belief that intelligence is an inborn trait, that can’t be changed, frustrates the hell out of me. Genes do account for a large portion of one’s IQ. However, the remaining factors can be influenced.

Did you know about the effect of your social environment? I once heard that there must’ve been several people, with the potential of becoming as great as Einstein, but missed out due to lack of oppurtunity.

Coming back to the main topic, it’s important to regularly train the mind. It’s a muscle which when left unused gets weaker, while stronger on pressure. And of course, relaxing a bit in between is as crucial. A mental overload causing serious damage is the last thing you need.

Following are some of the tips that make a small difference each day, but add up to a lot. Don’t get super hyped about inculcating every single one, as that can be tough. Start doing as many as you can and gradually build them up.

1. Concentrate deeply on a specific work, without multitasking or shifting focus.

2. Try thinking outside of the box in any situation.

3. Always consider each of the best-case, worst-case or likely scenarios.

4. Think from the perspective of others, like what they would do in your case. This could even be fictitious characters from books, movies, cartoons, etc.

5. Learn a foreign language.

6. Take a few minutes in the day to do nothing but relax yourself.

7. Instead of visual cues, pick up something from the other senses as well. For e.g, if you’re going on a walk, take in as much sensory input as possible.

8. Go for half an hour run or jog.

9. Perform more workouts, especially strength training exercises. Doing so gets higher supply of blood and oxygen to the head.

10. Read books or listen to podcasts in your free time. Both are great way to gain knowledge.

11. Speed read through large chunks of text to improve the brain’s processing time.

12. Practice imagining anything in several ways, like through, over or under. Creative imagination significantly boosts intellect.

13. Recollect old memories down to the smallest of details.

14. Quickly solve mental math problems.

15. Get enough sleep each night, according to your age.

16.  Keep your diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, healthy fats, vitamin B and more. Limit unnecessary junk food, like sugar.

17. Get some vitamin D or sun in your body.

18. Spend some time on challenging games. These include chess, sudoku and crossword puzzles.

19. Be mindful of the present, don’t think about the past or future. Meditation can help to bring about this change.

20. Switch up the genre of movies you watch, like opt for a sci-fi instead of the usual rom-com.

21. Discover fresh music and add it your collection.

22. Be consistent with the lifestyle changes you make.

23. Break out of planned routines. Don’t be afraid to step out your comfort zone or what you usually do.

24. Participate in debates, casual discussions or even arguments.

25. Socialise with different kinds of people. They say hanging out with smarter individuals does miracles!

26. Always remain positive, no matter the problems you encounter. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

27. Download brain-training apps, a good option is Lumosity.

28. Give yourself a bit of time to process new information.

29. Research further on subjects you’re actually interested in and know about. Scientists have discovered that our brains connect similarities and make them easier to remember.

30. Take a daily multi-vitamin or nutrients you’re lacking in.

31. Make connections from unrelated topics.

32. When solving a problem, pay attention to interesting facts, not just the pros and cons.

33. Separate your emotions from your thoughts. A cluttered mind can never function to its fullest!

34. Jot down ideas that come to your mind when you’re busy or about to sleep.

35. Write something, whether that be a quote, things you’re grateful or a huge article.

36. Doodle with your non-dominant hand.

37. Play fast video games that challenge the reflexes.

38. Drink lots of water throughout the day.

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