4 Skin Undertone Tests That Work In Minutes (How To Find Your Skin Undertone)

Skin undertones are not the same as skin tones, which can be determined by a quick glance in the mirror. Knowing your undertone is also crucial to step up in the fashion game, and can be done with simple skin undertone tests.

Woman Using Skin Undertone Tests

Skin Undertones Meaning

What exactly are skin undertones, you may ask? Well, they are the pigments used to make the skin the way it is. Depending on the season, your skin colour can vary, by getting tanned or burned. But, the undertone will always remain the same.

The lipstick shades, clothing and jewellery that suits you is because of your skin undertone. The first step towards determining the skin undertones you have is to know the three different types there are. Skin undertones can be categorized into three types; warm undertones, cool undertones or neutral undertones.

So, people with a warm undertone are better off going for warmer, earthy coloured fashion. Colours included in this category are orange, yellow, brown, green, gold and mustard.

Similarly, those with a cool undertone are better off going for shades of blue, purple, pink, silver, etc. Having said that, in every single colour, there are always warmer and cooler variants. And for those lucky enough to be blessed with the best of both worlds, comes the neutral undertone.

So, do yourself a favour and find out your own what really makes up your skin! All of these hacks usually give an accurate answer. Though the more you do the better idea you’ll get. It will only take a few minutes of your day but help you so much in the long run.

Skin Undertone Tests


Look at the veins around your hands and wrist, in broad daylight. Make sure there’s no other source of sunlight or artificial light nearby.
If they appear greenish- you are warm
If they appear bluish/purplish- you are cool
If they seem like a mixture of the two- you are neutral


Hold a white paper against a part of the body that generally remains unexposed and doesn’t tan (like the chest or neck). It’s even better if you do this straight out of the shower, in a white towel. Check to see how your skin compares against the plain white sheet.
Does it look more red or pink? Then, you have a cool tone. Does it look yellow? You are warm. If you still can’t figure this out, move on to the next step.


Grab a piece each of silver and gold jewellery, preferably of the same size and style. Bring them up towards yourself and see what complements you more. Which of the two brings out the radiance and shine in your eyes? Take note of the results.


Another factor to consider is how easily does your skin burn or tan, which usually indicates you’ve got a cool or warm undertone respectively. This isn’t a sure shot method, but it certainly helps in times of confusion.
If you get no definite result in all of the above tests, then congrats you are a certified neutral-skinned individual!
Thanks for reading this post! I hope these skin undertone tests were helpful in overcoming the fashion challenge of knowing how to find your skin undertone.
I would love to know what undertone you have in the comments below. Does it affect the way you dress or shop? If you would like more fashion tips, the below posts are my current favourite reads:

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