Productive Tasks You Can Add To Your Day

I don’t about the current situation you’re in, but at the time this was written, the whole world was locked inside their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Putting quarantine aside, most of us have still got plenty of free time each day. Entertainment of all kinds, can fill up this void to an extent. But, it’s always nice to get something useful done too. After each time I invest on productivity, it leaves me feeling accomplished and good about myself.

There are many little things you should check up on every once in a while, that we often forget. Some  lifestyle things, essential to me are given in this post. While doing many of these activities, I love to add in a bit of background music.

Reorganising My Closet 

If you’re anything like me, neatly placed clothes won’t remain the same way for long. My cupboard seems to automatically get messy within a few weeks. Plus, shoppers like me regularly have to fit in new pieces as well. This is why I love revamping the entire structure of my closet whenever I feel it’s necessary. It gives me a good idea of my clothing collection, what I’m missing and what I no longer should keep. 

Cleaning up my devices (phone, computer, etc)

Electronic items tend to get more worn out when they are neglected. Occasional check-ups can significantly boost up their lifetime. The process should mainly include removing unnecessary files, checking for viruses, backing up data, updating software and cleaning the outside. Sometimes, I also like to change the layout of my applications or settings. 

Devoting more time into skincare

Money spent on good-quality skin products is money well spent! While makeup is great to glam up, there’s nothing like enhancing one’s natural beauty. So, add more masks, serums, scrubs or even a tooth whitening kit into your routine. I can guarantee that they’ll start show big changes on yourself.

Cleaning My Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes accumulate all sorts of germs on their surface, from dead skin cells to oil, and even pollution. A quick cleanse can prevent breakouts and other skin problems from occurring. 

Checking my finances 

Trust me when I say that no one is free from the risk of cyber crimes in today’s age. Make a regular visit to your bank account(s), whether that be online or at a branch to track any suspicious activity. You can also pay existing bills or take note of current funds.

Adding fresh beats to my playlist

People who listen to a lot of music, especially while working out, know the importance of new songs. The most addicting song can get boring if it’s played on repeat. I use the Spotify app to make my playlists, which conveniently offers a ‘sound radio based on’ feature.  New songs similar to what you’ve played will automatically be shown to you. 
What do you think of these ideas? I’d love it if you could let me know in the comments below. Is there anything you like to do? Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

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