12 Period Life Hacks That Make Everything Extremely Easier To Manage

Woman Using App As Period Life Hack

Hate or love them, periods will come knocking into the lives of healthy, fertile women every single month! And to worsen the situation, the bleeding is often accompanied with painful cramps.

You may not know it yet, but there’s a ton of period life hacks out there. Without them, monthly visits by mother nature can be particularly hard to deal with in schools and other public places.

From my own experience, I’ve figured out the following period tips to cover-up for any possible situation.

Hack #1: Make the right food choices, especially if you’re prone to PMS

The symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) are said to affect more than 90% of menstruating women. While I don’t know how true that statistic really is, the struggle is real for many of us!
The food and drink we take right before or during our periods makes a huge impact. Switch to herbal teas instead of coffee to alleviate cramps. Boost your intake of magnesium/potassium-rich foods such as bananas, whole grains, avocados, watermelon, pineapple, and dark chocolate.
Also, drinking a lot of water is a no-brainer. I really enjoyed what The Thirty had got to say on this matter. Their article can be found at

Hack #2: Disguise tampons, pads, or pantyliners in a case

Although I can’t say for everyone, having to carry sanitary items around is the worst part for me. So, a quick tip is to get any sort of container that is pocket-friendly yet can fit a few products at the same time.
This could be a small pouch (for pads) or an empty eclipse (for tampons). I’ve even seen girls use old lipstick containers and special water bottles. Of all the menstruation hygiene tips I’ve mentioned, this hack tops it all for me.
Hack #3: Use a period tracking app
Period tracking apps have been in my life since the age of 14 and I’ve never thought twice. In my opinion, the best one out there has got to be Clue, which is also mentioned in the post 5 Best Apps For iPhone That Every Female Should Download.
You could take a look at the above post if you haven’t already. A variety of things like pain, emotions, sleep, and energy can be recorded too and you can see how they affect your daily life.

Hack #4: Frequently change your menstrual products

Ladies with heavy flow, I’m looking at you! It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
When taking long bathroom breaks isn’t practical, you can place another pad on top of the existing one. So, once the first is soaked, remove it and you’ll get a fresh pad underneath.

Period Hygiene Tips To Use Out Of The Shower

Hack #5: Add tissue when supplies run out

What if you forgot to bring an extra napkin with you? Don’t worry. Here’s an easy to implement trick. Wrap tissue (the more the better) around your pad, or in the case of tampons, simply place it on your underwear. The tissue acts as extra protection to avoid leaks.

Hack #6: Keep an extra jacket with you

I’m sure several women have had the fear of accidental leakage at some point in their lives. In that case, tying a dark-colored jacket around the waist can help make you feel secure.
Jackets Make You Feel Better On Your Period

Hack #7: Wear swimsuit bottoms

Due to their unique material, swimsuit bottoms wash off stains and dry out much quicker, as opposed to regular underwear. There’s no reason not the make the change, right?
Swimsuit Bottoms During Menstruation

Hack #8: Put on dark panties (and clothes)

On the days leading up to your period and also during it, darker bottoms can just be a safer option. You don’t have to blindly follow this, but keep it in mind.

Hack #9: Keep your underwear prepared before taking a shower

Yes, it’s true that the water pressure from your shower temporarily stops bleeding. However, spilling can still happen, right from the moment you step out. This is why I always keep a pair of underwear with a pad placed on top of it near me in the bathroom beforehand.

Hack #10: Apply hand warmers or heat wraps

Heat kills most period cramps in an instant! The products available on the market are endless, from sticky heat wraps for your underwear to hot water bags and everything in between. You can even DIY your own using a fluffy sock, rice, and essential oils.
I think this is one of the only period pain relief tips a woman really needs to have up her sleeve.
Heat Warmers Are Important Period Life Hacks

Hack #11: Try to indulge in light to moderate activity

Unless you are feeling super drained out, skipping out on usual workouts is not the answer. A bit of exercise is always beneficial because it improves circulation, elevates your mood, and prevents sore muscles.
Popular Youtube Workout Channels To Kickstart Your Fitness Game In 2022 has more than enough options to get you started with regular workouts.
Running Is A Period Cramp Tip

Hack #12: Put on a towel over your bedsheet

Restless period nights can lead the way to lack of sleep and sluggish mornings. Skip the tension by placing the added layer of a towel or absorbent fabric. This way you won’t be stressing over whether you stain your bedding.
Period Care By Placing Towel Over Bedsheet

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