3 Beginners Indoor Plants Great For Reducing Air Pollution

Who doesn’t love a bit of greenery in their homes or offices! It’s scientifically proven that looking at green plants every day can improve your eyesight. Apart from that, they’re often known for boosting one’s mood and relieving feelings of stress and fatigue. To top that off, some even effectively remove several air pollutants.

Now if they possess so many wonderful qualities and are quite cheap, why doesn’t everyone keep them in their spaces? The answer to that question is quite simple. Most such plants release carbon dioxide at night, which for humans, does more harm than good. However, there are still many species that exclusively produce oxygen all throughout the day.

Let’s look at the top low-maintenance and easily available ones out of these.

1. Snake Plant (specifically the Mother-in-law’s tongue subtype)

I’d say this is the ultimate go-to plant for beginners. It requires the least work and has most chances of surviving in any condition. Just give it a little water, sun and humidity and you’re good to go! 

2. Spider Plant 

Another low maintenance yet top performing plant type. Although, this flora needs a bit more of a bright environment with access to indirect light. Keep this in mind, because sadly mine died off due to a lack of sunlight. Other than that. its water needs are great as it prefers to dry off between watering times. It also grows quite fast. 

3. Peace Lily

If you’re fond of flowers but neither have the time nor effort (that it takes for them to bloom), then look no further! While with more light they receive, the more lilies bloom, they strive equally great in medium or low light conditions. Remember to provide them with water frequently and change to a bigger pot if needed. 

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