How To Wash Your Face Properly: Explained Using 9 Science-Proven Steps

Cleansing is an integral part of any skincare regimen. It’s responsible for removing all the gunk that has been accumulated on our face and neck all throughout the day. Without a clean base, other topical treatments will prove useless. So, how to wash your face?
Skin-loving nutrients won’t be able to deeply penetrate and work their magic. Not just that, but they may end up adding to the dirt instead. As a result, you’ll be left with a dirty face more likely to host breakouts and infection. 
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In order to have glowing, radiant skin, one needs to follow the practice of face washing seriously. After the process, any sort of makeup residue, dead skin cells, pollution, and dirt must be fully removed. What exactly do you need to do? Read the full article for this information.

Cleanse only as often as required

It may be tempting to throw in a quick clean whenever you feel like it. However, this will be counter-productive, because you’ll be signaling the brain to produce more oil. Over time, your face will start to get even more greasy than it used to.
As far as how often to cleanse face, limit the use of any facial cleanser, to twice per day, in the morning and night-time. If required, you may do so after excessively sweaty workouts too. 

Pick the right products

I’m all for going experimental and trying out new skincare ranges. But make sure to pay attention to the labels, ingredients, brand, etc. You want to be using ones made for your skin type. They should also serve the right function.
Like if you’re in need of a morning cleanser for oily skin, gravitate towards lighter, gel/water-based formulas. On the contrary, if you’ve got dry skin, think about rich, creamy washes. 
Cosmopolitan UK has got you covered with their 18 recommended formulas for ‘every skin type’. Access the in-depth guide by clicking here.
How To Wash Your Face With Face Wash

Start with clean hands

What’s the point in trying to take off germs with something that contains so many of them? Enough said.
Face Cleansing Steps To Follow At Home

Dampen the skin first

If you’re using a rinse-off variety, which you probably are, it only makes sense to apply the product on a wet face. Quickly splash your face and neck with a burst of water, before thinking about anything else. 

Use lukewarm water only

Extremely hot temperatures will leave your skin dried out in no time. You can try very cold water, but most don’t like the sound of that, especially during winters. It’s best to use lukewarm water at all times.


Woman Understanding How To Wash Your Face

How To Apply Face Wash

Gently massage onto the face

The way you treat your skin now will reflect on in the coming years. Warm-up the cleanser on the palm of your hands and lightly apply it. Use upward circular motions, while giving a massage with the pads of your fingers.
According to, spend around 20-30 seconds or until it lathers up. Also, don’t forget to apply this to the neck and ears. 

Let it sink in for a deeper clean

How long should I leave cleanser on my face is a frequently asked question. Unless you’re in a hurry or exhausted, keeping your face wash on for a minute or two, can help ingredients to work on the skin better.
This stands true mainly for formulas containing active substances, like salicylic acid or tea tree oil.

Apply moisturizer before you pat dry

Yes, this came as a shock to me too. It turns out, applying lotion on a slightly wet surface, locks in hydration much better. So, reach for the moisturizer before the towel.
Simple Hydrating Gel Cream To Use After Face Cleansing

Don’t be abrasive with the towel

Press onto the required areas with your towel, as an alternative to vigorously rubbing. 
Soft Non-Abrasive Towel To Clean Face Correctly

Follow up with other steps

Congrats! Your skin is now prepped and ready for any other cosmetic you wish to use. These tips are sure to come in handy the next time you’re in the bathroom!
Face Wash Products To Use At Home

This is it! You’ve made it to the end of your journey on learning how to cleanse face at home. What do you think about the information provided? Was it helpful in improving the way you use skincare? I’d highly appreciate your comments on this.

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