9 Tips On How To Sleep Faster Every Night: Powerful Lifestyle Changes

A good night’s sleep is something you need to have, for a healthy mind, soul, and body. Sure, diet meals and workouts can make significant changes. But, all these fitness tips will go in vain if not followed by adequate rest.
Please keep on reading to find out what went behind me knowing how to sleep faster. Otherwise, you’ll start to see negative effects on the way your body functions.
The natural aging process, including eyesight, will speed up for the worse. I’m sure that none of these outcomes are ever desired by anyone.
Putting all other factors aside, I hate the sluggish feeling post a long restless night.

How To Sleep Faster

So how to sleep faster?

Basic sleep hygiene isn’t as tough as some make it out to be. Here are a few tips that’ll get your beauty sleep settled in no time.

1. How to Get To Sleep When You Can’t

The simple answer, don’t. I know, I know. This probably sounds crazy and counter-intuitive, but it’s actually the best piece of advice to give. The main reason behind insomnia is anxiety and self-consciousness.
We get so caught up in trying to fall asleep that there’s no time to actually do so.
The body will doze off only when it feels completely relaxed and free from tensions. Once you lay on your bed, make sure you loosen up and get everything else off your brain.

2. Write A To-Do List

People who’re constantly swarmed with thoughts, take special note of this point. Penning down your goals, tasks, ideas is a good way to get them out of your head.
This can be inside your daily journal or even on your phone.

Get To Sleep Within 5 Minutes

3. Stop Using Electronics Close To Bedtime

Blue light emitted from many of our devices can be a major sleep kill. It can suppress melatonin levels, a hormone (released by the pineal glands) essential to regulate sleep-wake cycles.
However, if you must, do take a look at your phone to switch on the night-shift mode or other relevant settings. Another option is to wear blue-light blocking glasses, 2-3 hours before you plan to call it a day.
Change Display Settings On Phone

4. Drink Soothing Herbal Tea

About an hour or so prior to sleeping, drinking herbal beverages can cure the insomnia of many. They’re regarded as one of the healthiest drinks in the world too.
Teas made from chamomile, peppermint, ginger, hibiscus, sage, rosehip, etc are all wonderful options to choose from. This way you’ll also notify your body to prepare itself for shutting down.
Herbal Tea Is A Great Home Remedy To Fall Asleep

5.  Cut Off Late Caffeine, Alcohol, And Refined Sugar 

Consider your intake of the above-mentioned substances, especially after 2 or 3 pm in the afternoon. These may just be the real culprit!
Think about the recent changes you may have made. In that case, stop taking foods that contain these for a few days and see the results. This includes green tea, coffee, wine, and baked goods.
Green Tea is an excellent beverage that is known for its cancer-fighting properties but it must be taken at the right time.
If you’d like a short read for all that it is you need to know, check out the article Benefits Of Green Tea + When To Drink It.

6. Take Special Supplements

Don’t make these a regular habit! However, occasionally grabbing up a pill to sleep through the night is totally fine. I would only recommend two tablets, either one with magnesium or melatonin.
Magnesium can be taken more often if you like.
General health supplements are always a good idea nevertheless, for which the Best Women’s Supplements In 2020 have got you covered.

7. Clean Up Your Room 

I feel this is such an understated part of sleep management. A cluttered space makes way for a cluttered mind. Even if up to a little extent, it’s always nice to clear up unnecessary items.
Also, frequently change your bedsheet, pillow covers, and blankets as well. Avoid light from phones, laptops, or alarm clocks. Get some blackout curtains to cover up windows.
Suitable Bedding For Better Sleep

8. Create A Consistent Routine

You’ll be surprised by the complex mechanism human bodies work by. So, it’s imperative that you sleep and wake at around the same moment, each day.
Having irregular cycles can really confuse our system. For changing this routine, gradually shift your sleep time little by little.
Amerisleep’s guide to reset your internal broken clock is a true gem and can be found by clicking here.

9. Have Comfortable Bedding

Depending upon individual preferences, this means different things. But whatever it is, you must feel absolutely comfortable lying down in your bed.
So, don’t think twice before getting the best pillows, blankets or even a mattress, no matter the price tag.

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