How To Shave Properly: The Only Guide You Need To Master Smooth Skin

Woman Showing How To Shave Properly
Shaving is probably the most common hair removal method out there. It only takes a couple of minutes and is pretty good at its job. All you need to do is follow some general instructions and you’re good to go.
But, if you don’t know how to shave properly, there can be disadvantages of using a razor. The side-effects that may be associated with shaving include ingrown hair, razor bumps, rashes. and cuts.

Women’s Shaving Techniques

Here’s everything one must do to shave faster, smoother, and simpler. It can be a tad tedious to follow all safety tips for the first time. However, once you get used to it, it works like a charm.

1. Go For The Sharper Razor Blade Variants

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All the claims about sharp razors being relatively more harmful are a big fat lie.
With the duller types, more strokes are needed to remove the same amount of hair. In the end, this can cause tears in the skin, and thus bleeding.
The trick is to go for women’s or men’s razors that have fewer sharp-edged blades. And having flexible or detachable heads are always a bonus.
I don’t know about you but I like to leave the testing to the experts, which is why picking one from The Telegraph’s article seemed fine (read it here). You can always ask friends and family or rely on reviews. 

2. Never Forget Super Long Hair First

Pubic or underarm hair that has been grown out for quite some time or is virgin should be trimmed to a certain extent first.
You don’t want extremely lengthy hair to get in the way of what you’re doing. Trust me, it can become a real mess.

3. A Round Of Exfoliation Beforehand Is Ideal

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A good round of exfoliation removes all dead skin cells accumulated on the surface. Hair is then left exposed, ideal for achieving that closer shave.
Pretty much anything works in this case, whether that be using scrubs, loofahs, or mitts. Loreal’s beauty magazine explains the deal with exfoliation and hair removal in a bit more words.

4. Stick To Safe And Gentle Formulations

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Shaving creams can aid in effectiveness, but certain regions -like the genitals- may do better with ordinary soap or body wash. It’s also a good idea to choose fragrance-free formulas, made for sensitive skin. 

5. When It To Comes To Which Direction To Shave Legs

Shaving in the direction of hair growth is always preferred. If that doesn’t work though, try to do it sideways instead. Only very stubborn hair follicles or crazy growth patterns require shaving against the grain.

6. The Water Temperature Is Important Too

Especially during the rinse-off, lukewarm water is generally the best bet. Refrain from extreme temperatures on any end of the spectrum i.e., very cold or hot water. 

7. It Doesn’t Just Stop There

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Restoring all that lost moisture is absolutely crucial. Choose from either a special aftershave, fragrance-free moisturizer, or body oil (for particularly sensitive skin).
Aftershave lotions contain antiseptics that act as a shield to prevent infection and irritation. Again, this step will leave your body smooth, supple, and hydrated.

8. Don’t Fret Over Tiny Injuries

Sometimes, a little cut is inevitable. When that happens, simply applying pressure to the area for a while can stop the blood flow. You can you use special medication on the affected area. The wound will gradually start to heal on its own.
That’s all that pretty much goes into knowing how to properly shave your legs and body. Do try any of these suggestions out if you weren’t already doing so!
Get the smooth, toned, and hair-free body you’ve been dreaming of. I’d love it if you could give me any valuable input in the comments down below.

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