How To Properly Oil Cleanse Your Face (Oil Cleansing Method 101)

Women Who Is Showing How To Properly Oil Cleanse Your Face

In my previous post 6 Best All Natural Facial Cleansers To Try In Your Morning Skincare Routine + 3 Other Alternatives, I mentioned the possibility of using certain oils to clean your face. Well, today I’ll be covering all about the oil cleansing method.

How Often To Oil Cleanse Your Face

Do remember that it’s better to follow oil cleansing strictly at night time. This is because these oils still do strip a lot of natural bacteria and sebum of the skin. Additionally, they can be fully utilised to their potential by also removing makeup. Oils should generally not be used more than once a day, so they are better suited for the evening or night.

Best Oils To Cleanse Your Face

 Now, let’s get to the best types of oils available for this job. The two most commonly used oils have got to be olive oil and castor oil for dry skin and oily skin respectively.

Suitable variants include jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, argan oil and more. And there are always several products on the market containing a combination of the above.

Harpers Bazaar calls cleansing oils “makeup remover with benefits” and has published a collection of the best cleansing oil products on the market. I’d agree that buying a specialised cleansing oil is even better. Read The 16 Best Cleansing Oils for Every Skin Type and Concern for inspiration!

Olive Oil Being Poured Into A Bowl

How To Properly Oil Cleanse Your Face

The best oil cleansing method is that which involves a washcloth and hot water.

1. Pour about a quarter-sized (or 1-2 teaspoons) of oil cleansing product into the palm of your hand. Quickly rub the oil between your hands to effectively warm it up.

2. Massage it into your face with the help of your fingertips, especially concentrating on problem areas with blackheads, congestion, etc. Make sure to perform this thoroughly for at least one or two minutes to really penetrate the skin. Use slow upward circular motions.

3. Take a damp, warm washcloth and gently press it onto your face. Use the hot water to create a steaming effect. This way the pores will soften to remove all impurities and dead skin cells.

4. Once the washcloth cools down and you feel the oil is removed, gently wipe it away from your face. If necessary, repeat step 3 multiple times by rinsing the cloth and placing it back onto the exposed skin.

5. Refrain from unnecessary scrubbing that can cause irritation. Some people prefer to do a final rinse with water. The treated area should feel pleasantly hydrated and detoxed.

Follow up with your next skincare step e.g., serum or moisturiser.

While this is the most recommended method, there’s another K-beauty (Korean beauty) regimen. It has grown to become quite popular and uses double-cleansing. In it, you apply another gentle water-based face wash to remove any remaining oil residue. The face wash often targets specific skin concerns such as acne.

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