How To Look Taller and Slimmer in Clothes (12 Amazing Styling Tips For Women)

Woman Discovering The Secrets On How To Look Taller

A tall, lean looking body structure is coveted by women all around the world! Unless one has been hit with the jackpot in the gene department, this remains a dream for many.

How To Look Taller And Slimmer

Of course, regular exercise and a healthy diet is necessary for staying in your best shape.

The Popular Youtube Workout Channels To Kickstart Your Fitness Game In 2022 are a must if you don’t have access to a gym. You could also take a look at the underrated How To Workout Effectively: 5 Exercise Tips For Beginners.

However I’m also here to clear a common misconception. Even people who aren’t blessed with model height, can learn how to look taller in their outfits.

12 Styling Tips You Need To Know

It all comes down to the fashion choices you make and how you style them. These styling tips are essential to look thin in photos and real-life, particularly for petite-sized females.

Styling Tip: Wear nude or skin toned shoes

Plain Nude Flats That Give You More Height
A nice pair of shoes that match with the colour of your skin, don’t instantly grasp attention. As a result, they appear more blended and as a part of your body.
Even plain nude flats would give you more height, as compared to their brighter equivalents.

Styling Tip: Go for pointier heels

Beautiful Pointy Heels For Making Legs Look Long
Strappy heels, preferably with an open toe, work best. And as always, the higher the heels gets the longer your legs will look.
As you probably are aware, this is the most famous ‘hack’ that women use to know how to look taller and slimmer!

Styling Tip: Avoid the mid length cut

Midi Skirt To Elongate The Lower Body
Midi/knee hems are capable of shortening tall silhouettes too. It’s always better to avoid this in-between length, if you’re trying to appear longer. Also, looser versions are even worse.

Styling Tip: Wear cropped or long tops

The Right Size Jacket Which Can Teach You How To Look Taller
Again, the same rule applies to tops as well. A jacket that sits right at that awkward spot on the hips, makes you so much shorter. Opt for either very short or long ones instead.

Styling Tip: Add a belt to oversized shirts

Black Belt Used As A Fun Accessory
When mid-length shirts are a must, adding on a belt around the waist can give the illusion of a longer body. This technique works well with other oversized shirts as well, like formal button-ups.

Styling Tip: High waisted pants are your best friend

High-waisted Skinny Jeans That Can Make You Look Slim
High or mid rise jeans are known to be the most flattering on every single body type. They give the much needed illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs.

Styling Tip: Try wide, loose and super long pants

I’m talking about a very specific kind of pants now, which are super loose and reach below the ankle!
Trousers similar to the one above, combined with a tight top, are the best combo for providing height. Pair the two with a tall heel, and you’ll suddenly grow 3 whole inches.

Styling Tip: Pair shades from the same colour family together

Model Wearing Monochromatic White Outfit To Look Tall
Monochromatic outfits can boost that tall illusion by a margin, but it isn’t necessary to match the exact same shades. Similar colours, like white and nude, will give the same effect we’re looking for.

Styling Tip: Wear ankle or over the knee boots only

Black Over-The-Knee Thigh Boots On Display
Boots that don’t fall in any of the above mentioned categories, cut off the lower body at an undesirable place. Although, knee-length booties can sometimes be an option.

Styling Tip: Wear tight shoes with cropped straight jeans

The Fashion Statement of a Big Ankle Boot With Cropped Jeans
Straight ‘boyfriend’ jeans have emerged as a big trend, and the best method to style them is with a shoe that covers the remaining skin.
Keep in mind that it should be tight enough to balance their baggy fit. So, what’s optimal is a big ankle boot, with some heels.

Styling Tip: Put your hair in an updo

Woman Wearing Her Hair In a Top Bun
Longer hair can make our body seem smaller by proportion. However, it’s not practical for everyone to get a bob cut. But, what you can do is tie your hair up and away into a neat hairstyle.
I personally love Stone Girl’s messy bun how-tos because she includes all hair types and beginners.

Styling Tip: Opt for vertical stripes

Palazzo Pants With Vertical Stripes To Look Lean
Vertical striped clothing does wonders for lengthening the body. On the contrary, be wary of horizontal stripes because they do the exact opposite.

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