How To Look Stylish In Any Clothes: 12 Incredible Fashion Tips For Girls

Creating glam in a fancy dress and full face of makeup is a piece of cake if you ask me. What’ll really make you stand out is effortlessly cool attire. 
Make Cute Outfits With Simple Clothes

Are you wondering how to look stylish with the clothes you already have? Achieving that last finishing touch all comes down to the minor details, that most fail to notice.

Fashion Tips

Over the years I’ve learned various fashion styling tips, to transform my clothing from drab to fab. Please read further on to gain some valuable fashion insight.

I always use a few of these, whether I’m going to the grocery store or a party.

1. Cuff your sleeves or pants 

Dress Nice By Cuffing Denim Jeans
I bet you already knew this one! Despite being so popular, not a lot of girls try it out very often. Cuffing up sleeves adds a whole other look to shirts. And let’s not forget the extra height cuffed jeans appear to give. 

2. Tuck your shirt into your waist or pockets    

Outfit Hack Of Tucking In Top
For me, tucking in has been the perfect fix for those awkward length t-shirts, which are neither short nor long. Or for skin-tight tops like the one in the picture above, you can make them look like a bodysuit.
I find there are several methods to doing so, like putting only a corner in, tying a ponytail and placing it in, etc. Check out this article from Who What Wear to learn more. 

3. Tie a knot in your loose top or dress

Ladies Fashion Hack Of Tying Knot With Blouses
Although very similar to the previous point, I love to add in knots when going for a more casual look. They can dress down even the most professional pieces, such as a button-up shirt.
Apart from tops, why not try the idea of maxis or dresses. For instance, a baggy dress can be secured with an elastic at the back to be more figure-hugging. 

4. Match the metals in your accessories

Jewellery Styling Tips And Tricks
This makes it to my life-changing fashion hacks, despite being so less known. Most bags, jewellery, watches, jeans and so on usually have hints of silver or gold. While picking out an item to wear, always pay attention to the type of metal and go with ones belonging to the same category.
That’ll make you look much more put together! And of course, try buying colours that suit your skin and undertone. For more in-depth information, read What Are Skin Undertones And How To Find Them.

5. Throw on a checkered shirt

Improve Female Dressing Sense With Flannels
One of my favourite retro fashion tips! The classic flannels from the 90s have returned, and the options are limitless. You can simply throw one on with a white top and jeans. I find tying them around the waist works well too. 

6. Scrunch up long sleeves

Look Stylish By Pulling Up Long Sleeves
Pulling up long sleeves is what I tend to do when it starts to get a bit heated! However, you can’t deny that they’re also quite a fashion-forward trend. In case the fabric is stiff and doesn’t stay put, try placing it under a tight hair tie.

7. Put on a scarf or bandana

Be Fashionable With Printed Bandanas
A neckerchief, scarf, bandana or whatever you decide to go for are all great little ways to spice up a plain look. Tying a bandana in my hair keeps it out of the way while I look cute at the same time! Replacing your normal hair ties with these is another option.

8. Try layered necklaces 

Woman Wearing Dainty Necklaces
While any sort of jewellery never hurts, one versatile style has got to be wearing multiple dainty necklaces. A girl can never have too many in her collection. However, if you’re not a big fan of necklaces, maybe try out bracelets or anklets? 

9. Keep your clothes ironed and lint-free

Conair Fabric Shaver To Keep Clothing New
Don’t be taken by surprise by the addition of this under styling tips.Taking in so much time to look cute, but forgetting to iron at the end is the absolute worst! Don’t worry, cause there are many ways to tackle the wrinkles on your shirt, like a handheld steamer.
As far as lint goes, you should keep a lint roller and/or fabric shaver handy. 
Bustle’s 6 Best Fabric Shavers have got you covered, with shavers of all budgets and styles. Be sure to take a look at them if you don’t own one currently or need to up your game.

10. Check which colours suit you better 

Choose Colours That Suit You
It’s common knowledge that some shades will just prove to be more aesthetic on you than others. Like warm or cool colours are great warm or cool undertones respectively. I agree with the fact that it does take a bit of trial and error to find out everything.

11. Add a cool belt 

Woman Showing How To Look Stylish With Belts
I used to think belts weren’t made for everyone, but over the years this thought has changed so much! Every woman should have at least a plain back pair, to make loose bottoms fit. Lately, I’ve been loving chained, braided and embellished belts. 
Style Clinic’s guide includes everything from the types of belts to styling belts for each body type. The blogger even finishes off with a couple of dos and don’ts. 

12. Wear your jackets or tops off-the-shoulder 

Outfit Hack Of Wearing Tops Off Shoulder
Yep, even ordinary shirts can be adjusted to being off the shoulder! The trend shows off a little skin and steps up your outfit on the whole. Loose sweaters, shirts, coats, jackets or any other item you can name can probably be worn this way. 

How did you find the above fashion rules on knowing how to improve dressing sense?

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