1 Month Glow Up Challenge: How To Have The Perfect Glow Up

Woman Who Knows How To Have The Perfect Glow Up

We want to look beautiful, but do we put in enough effort into ourselves? To become the best version of yourself, it is necessary to work hard. Having a perfect glow up means you get transformed from head to toe into what you’ve envisioned.

Contrary to popular belief, a glow up isn’t a magical miracle where an ugly duckling suddenly blooms into the beautiful swan. No, this is a process that takes up a bit of time but can do wonders if you’re willing.

And it’s not just becoming aesthetically pleasing, but being pretty from the inside-out. Self-confidence, perseverance and patience are all integral parts of the journey.

How To Have The Perfect Glow Up

Set your goals

First and foremost, you must know what you actually wish to achieve. You can have whatever aspirations you want in the long run. However, for the short-term, break these down into bits and pieces. Don’t forget to reward yourself with each little victory.

Stay Consistent

Constantly reminding yourself you can do this helps a lot! Remember don’t fear failure but face it. Take breaks when you need to but don’t stop. You’ll see progress when you’re least expecting it.
Now that you’ve mentally prepared yourself for the task at hand, it’s time to see the practical things you start implementing.

Stop being a people pleaser

Believe in yourself and don’t let ANYONE tell you otherwise. Be confident and the rest will follow.

Spend some leisure time

Of course, it’s important to socialise with family and friends. But, taking some free time in the day for you is also needed. During this period, utilise your undivided attention to pamper yourself. It all depends on what you prefer, from reading a book to listening to music. The options are endless.
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Drink more water

The recommended amount depends on several factors like height, weight, age and exercise level. You can start by making sure you get at least 8 glasses or 2 litres a day. One of the most underrated simple glow up tips to ever exist!

Eat Clean

You don’t have to ban all junk food, something like 80% of healthy food choices is good. A sweet treat once in a while for good for keeping you mentally happy.

Healthy Food, An Essential For Glowing Up

Workout at least twice a week

Even if you’re happy with your body it’s good for getting the endorphins up and making you feel more powerful.

Concentrate more on skincare

While you can’t change hormonal acne, using more face masks and scrubs can indeed reduce it. Wash your face once or twice a day, make sure to use a moisturiser and a spot treatment if needed.

Test out different products and see what works for you. Keep your lips hydrated with a natural balm.

Woman Using Charcoal Face Mask

Give yourself a frequent manicure/pedicure and take care of your nails

Take care of your body

Use a good soap or shower gel to cleanse yourself in the shower. I’d suggest exfoliating the entire body weekly, especially if you suffer from body acne or dry skin. You can do this with specialised body brushes, loofah, scrub or an exfoliating mitt.

Tame your body hair

This is upto your preference! If you prefer shaving, waxing or going raw. Choose a specific routine a stick to it. Don’t forget to think about facial hair, including eyebrows and upper-lip.

Practice good oral hygiene

Check out your teeth and if they’re even somewhat crooked, consider getting braces or invisalign. Straighter teeth are much more healthy in the long run, apart from the cosmetic benefits. Try out a teeth-whitening kit or mouthwash if you like.

Smiling Woman With Braces

Come up with a haircare routine

Depending on how oily your scalp and hair is, wash your hair every 2-7 days. Use a suitable conditioner (which can be leave-in) every time you cleanse your hair. Try a deep conditioner or mask, if you’re prone to getting dry or frizzy hair.

Improve your posture

Always make an effort to stand up straight tall. Some good tips can be to lean against the wall or practicing yoga.

Filter your closet to remove any unwanted items

Only wear things that you feel the best in. Don’t keep anything that you even slightly dislike. If you feel there are some things lacking in your wardrobe, go shopping for them.

Teenage Girl Shopping At Thrift Store

Get a new haircut or even just a trim

The article Top Hairstylists Have Spoken—These Are the Best Cuts for Every Face Shape was truly eye opening in terms of the possibilities for flattering hair cuts.

Try out makeup

If you want to, you can start using some makeup to enhance your natural features. How To Get Started With Makeup (Drugstore and Highend) contains some good products beginners can purchase.

I hope you will incorporate this collection of simple glow up tips in your daily routine, if you don’t already!

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