How To Earn Money As A Teenager: 14+ Profitable Ideas

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars As A Teenager

Life can be hard for teenagers due to obvious reasons. They’re not quite full-grown adults yet but neither kids. The growing physical, emotional and mental changes can really take a toll on them.

What’s more, is that the materialistic demands of young adults grow to a significant extent. As a result, most become money-oriented and start searching on how to earn money as a teenager.

Instead of relentlessly begging your parents for money, why not choose something from this list of the absolute best passive income ideas?

While this may not be a six-digit salary, you’ll often get sufficient money for your requirements. And who knows, one day you might save up thousands of dollars from doing these tasks for money.

Ways Of Making Money As A Teenager:

#1. Work At A Department Store/Restaurant/Shop

How To Make Passive Income As A TeenagerSecuring a job at any of these places isn’t always easy, because of the huge competition there is. But, it is still good to try your luck. Often, you’ll be put on the waiting list or be called for temporary work. 

#2. Open A Youtube Channel 

Remember there is no chance of receiving money instantly on youtube. It’s a great social media platform with lots of potentials. But, you’ve got to be willing to put in the time and effort. Youtube is good for those who enjoy making videos of a certain category.

#3. Start Your Own Website Or Blog 

Again, this is very similar to the previous point. The only difference is here you’ll be expressing yourself through text. Just like videos, blogs also take a lot of duration to gain an audience. Take it from me! 
In my opinion, boss girl bloggers is a highly informative site with tons of blog posts and courses to help create your own website. Don’t forget to take a look at HOW TO MAKE MONEY BLOGGING, if this is what you’re keen on. 

#4. Sell Your Old Clothes

Trust me, all teens have got clothes that they’ve outgrown, in size or style. Plus, your wardrobe will also get much neater and have space for new additions. There’s a number of websites for this purpose such as Depop, Thredup, Vinted, and Poshmark. And of course, you can always check out nearby thrift stores.

#5. Use Stock Photography 

Got a passion for photography? This is the best way to combine your love with work. Several places like Freepik, Alamy, Crestock, and Fotolia will eagerly buy quality photos from you. 
Best Ways To Make A Passive Income

#6. Tutor Kids

Smart teens will love this option! Contact your school, children below your grade, or reach out to parents and ask about tuition classes. There are also a couple online tuition centers you could join. Check this article out for more.
Tutoring Small Kids For A Passive Income

#7. Babysit 

Cliche, but it is no less of an idea. All you gotta do is interact with little kids to get paid. It’s a relatively fun way to make money as a teen if you ask me. 

#8. Join Fiverr

They say everyone one of us has special talents. Fiverr is a site that enables you to sell various ‘freelance services’ including those related to programming, video, music, graphics, writing, etc.

#9. Distribute Papers

If you’re the type of girl who loves to talk walks for hours, then this is for you! Just drop some papers into the post boxes of each house and you’re done. 

#10. Sell Baked Goods Or Food

Baking Goods To Make Money As A Teenager
Some people are great at making cookies, cakes, or other food items. Personally, I’m never the one who cooks. But, if you’re good at it, why not utilize this opportunity? 

#11. Become A Makeup Artist

You can start by offering to help other girls with their makeup in exchange for money. Makeup services can especially be provided for big occasions, like weddings. Also, makeup brands may like to recruit you. 

#12. Paint Nails

Have you got the expertise to give professional-looking manicures? Then start by advertising your skills on Facebook, Instagram, or even to friends. You might end up with several paying clients.

#13. Open A Shop On Etsy

The most creative way to earn bucks! Etsy is a fantastic online community that lets small creators sell stuff. If you’ve got creative items that are worth purchasing, definitely give them a go! Even things like downloadable prints are in demand.

#14. Dog Walking 

If some of your neighbours have dogs or other pets, you could offer to take them for a walk. This way will also get you a taste of nature and its wonderful gifts.
Girl Walking The Dog For Pocket Money

These were efficient and fast ways to generate a passive income while being under the legal age. Please let me know if you’d want more such lists.

Thanks for reading till the end and I hope you found it helpful. Another quick read that I think you’d enjoy is Daily Habits Which Make Your Brain Smarter Over Time.

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