10 Healthy Snacks To Try At Home With Little to No Cooking

Maintaining good nutrition can be part of one’s fitness journey or just overall health and well-being. Whatever the case may be, these quick meals are sure to keep your stomach satisfied. Each of these ideas are easy to follow and take only a few minutes in the day. Of course, there’s always room for creativity and so these snacks can be altered to your own personal tastes.

1. Oatmeal

Now, there’s a lot of ways oatmeal can be made and this’ll differ on what food combinations you like. The most basic of these is plain oatmeal (sugar can also added to it) which surprisingly doesn’t taste too bad. Some people like to add sliced fruit such as berries, bananas, pears, apples or apricots. Others like adding nuts or chocolate chips. Feel free to make your own personalised bowl by adding in whatever combinations of toppings you like.

2. Baked Wedges

Can you ever go wrong with wedges? These crispy delights taste even more delicious when paired with sour cream or sweet chilli sauce. The classic recipe involves a mixture of olive oil, garlic/garlic powder, onion powder, salt, paprika, parsley and cheese (optional), used to marinate sliced potatoes.

3. Banana Chips

Yes, even sliced bananas when baked make great chips to munch on. 

4. Hummus Dip 

The options are limitless, from crackers or pita chips to vegetables like carrot and cucumber. Alternatively, hummus is an excellent substitute for mayonnaise, salad dressings, mustard, etc. Although I do love eating it straight out of the tube, on it’s own.

5. Avocado Crackers 

You’ll never know how good this recipe tastes until you actually try it. The key to making these wholesome is incorporating crackers made of a whole grain flour only such as wheat flour. Then along with avocado (mashed/sliced), things like cheese, corn, capsicum or tomato can be used.

6. Greek Yoghurt 

It is a known fact that yoghurt is an extremely nutrient-dense food. Greek yoghurt contains ever more additional health benefits. Adding fruit and/or nuts can be a nice way to get some flavour.

7. Coconut Water

Consider this as an upgrade to our normal drinking water. Coconut water will quench your thirst and make your skin glow at the same time.

8. Dark chocolate

That’s right! Some chocolates are actually classified as being healthy, and what’s more is that they often taste good as well. The Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate (85% Cocoa) and Alter Eco Organic (90% Cocoa) are some examples. 

9. Popcorn 

I’m sure we’re all aware of these accompanying us at the movie theatres but never look beyond that. Popcorn can be made in as easy as two minutes of microwave.

10. Boiled Egg

Lastly, boiled eggs act like a boost of much-needed protein in our bodies, especially for gym-goers. They can be easily incorporated into our diets and take just a few moments to prepare. 

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