Benefits Of Green Tea + When To Drink It

Tea is the only beverage to be universally accepted as being healthy, all around the world. Out of all herbal variants in this category, green tea is arguably the most popular.

The health advantages that the drink offers are numerous. It promotes longevity, by maintaining an overall stronger immune system. The antioxidants prevent free radical skin damage so you age much better. Not just that, green tea decreases the risk of many cancers, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, etc. You’ll notice your blood pressure being regulated, whether it’s high or low. The l-theanine of amino acid content is a big stress and anxiety reliever. While, EGCG in it has been scientifically proven to effectively trigger fat-burning genes in the stomach area.

If these major health boosters weren’t enough, this tea also:
– suppresses the common cold and allergies from happening
– treats bad breath by killing some bacteria
– has natural fluoride that helps protect against cavities
– fights off allergies the body has been exposed to
– improves cognitive performance, thus making you smarter
– helps you stay alert and focused
– makes you happy and relieves stress
– lowers harmful cholesterol
– slightly increases metabolism (around 4%)
– aids in the digestion process and stops bloating
– detoxifies the body

I’m sure this would’ve convinced most of you to take a sip of the super drink! It’s important to remember not to add the tea extracts directly to boiling water. High temperatures can kill a lot of the nutrients within. So, wait a couple of minutes for the water to cool down, after which you can add the tea bag or leaves. Also, professionals usually suggest to limit consumption to 2-3 glasses per day, or 1 if you’re really sensitive to caffeine.

The Best Times Of The Day To Drink Green Tea

Number1: Late morning 

Drinking green tea on an empty stomach is a big no-no because it can lead to liver damage! Thus, wait for at-least 45 minutes after your first meal to treat yourself. 

Number 2: In between breakfast and lunch

Green tea can inhibit iron, protein and fat absorption. As a result, it’s not safe in the long run, to have it along with your lunch. This holds true particularly for anemia sufferers. Instead, try to space tea time out with a difference of an hour or two.

Number 3: Right before exercise

I find this works the best for me! A cup of green tea about 1/2 an hour before I work out, puts me in the mood, gives me better energy and stimulates the fat-burning mechanism. The only thing I would worry about here is not giving enough time for yourself to absorb it, which can lead to acid reflux. 

Number 4: At evening 

Yep, the claims you’ve heard about green tea being a calming herbal tea are definitely true! However, that doesn’t make it bedtime friendly. On an average, it contains about 35mg of caffeine, which can cause difficulties in sleeping for many. Instead, grab a drink at evening. 2 hours before bedtime (when the body’s metabolism is the lowest) can also be a good option. 

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