10 Hygiene Tips And Tricks For Girls

It’s officially summer season again! Sadly, a lot of us remain trapped inside our homes (as of June 2020) due to the worldwide pandemic. Though, spending some time on self-care and hygiene is still as crucial as it used to be.

The blistering heat can make things ten times worse. I notice my body and facial hair growing significantly thicker in the season. Sweat can get to the point that unbearable. And let’s not talk about the infection rate.

To prevent these problems in the first place, I’ve made up a list of the essential know-hows below.

#1- Use thin pantyliners on a daily basis, if you experience frequent vaginal discharge. Remember that discharge is a normal part of the our body’s wonderful self-cleaning process. It shouldn’t be a cause of concern, unless it’s lumpy, smells foul or green/yellow-coloured.

#2- Switch to cotton or lace panties that seem to be ‘breathable’, especially during nighttime or in intense summers.

#3- Try going commando (without underwear) at bed. This is the best thing you can possibly do to refreshen your lady bit. It also keeps harmful bacteria out of the way.

#4- When you’ve haven’t got any deodorant or perfume on you and things start to smell, pop on some hand sanitiser on the underarms. I guarantee you’ll feel you the same effect.

#5- Can’t seem to find a solution for ingrown hair? Skinny jeans and other tight clothing can restrict the growth of freshly shaved hair, causing them to turn back inside the skin. So, avoid wearing super tight clothes a few days after you’ve shaved.

#6- Don’t use body washes, which contain scents or perfumes, down there. They can disrupt the natural PH balance of the vagina, and result in infections. As an alternative, use natural formulas lacking in any sort of fragrances. Also, try not to expose the inside to chemicals.

#7- I’m sure most women experience stinky armpits some point in their lifetime! There’s a great fix to this that doesn’t cost you an extra penny, which is using your normal face masks on the underarms. DIY recipes or clay-based ones work great.

#8- Keep under garments as dry as possible. Swimming and all can be fun, but not if it leads to a contamination afterwards. Avoid staying outside in dripping wet clothes for extensive periods of time. Use a towel to soak off water and try to change quickly.

#9- Make it a habit to always cleanse the tongue, in your brushing routine. Tongues can accumulate a lot of germs naturally, and are the main source of bad breath.

#10- Use your toothpaste to gently scrub the lips, whenever they get flaky or feel rough. But don’t overdo it or you’ll end up with bleeding!

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