11 Awesome Family Attractions In Adelaide City, South Australia

Stunning Beach In AdelaideAdelaide is never the first city to come up in Australian travel destinations. And it might not be as lively as other metropolitans, but you’ll still find plenty of family attractions in Adelaide. Spending a few days in Adelaide South Australia is definitely a must if you’re visiting down under. It’s quite a kid-friendly location, also known for having a few highly ranked universities.

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Top Family Attractions In Adelaide 

1. Rundle MallRundle Mall On A Lonely Afternoon

Located on a street in Adelaide city that spans hundreds of meters, Rundle mall consists of several different centres. I’m sure no one would mind a little shopping stop in the middle of their trip! I love that everything from department stores to high fashion retails is available in one single area. 

2. Elder ParkBoats On Torrens River

Inside Adelaide city and neighbouring Rundle mall stands elder park on the southern bank of River Torrens. You can hire boats for cheap prices, in most of the seasons. The park is also a great hub for celebrating the New Year, especially for those who are planning to go around that time.

3. Adelaide CBDBusy View Of Adelaide City CBD

This small place may not give off that busy nightlife kind of vibe, but there sure is one! CBD is an inner-city, locality of Greater Adelaide, filled with historical buildings, indie boutiques, posh restaurants and more. Every tourist should take a stroll on these streets of Adelaide city at least once during their trip.

4. Glenelg

Kids Playground At Glenelg
Moving 11km from Adelaide city brings us to the exciting beach-side suburb of Glenelg, which is also accessible by trams. The features it boosts are endless, from an amusement centre to a huge kids’ playground and even laidback pubs. To top it off, tons of stores are in proximity as well.

5. Relaxing Beaches

Beaches As The Main Family Attractions In Adelaide
Australia’s a country known especially for its chilled-out, beaches. Remember to make the most out of your journey by checking out the sunset by the sands. Apart from the busiest one at Glenelg, there’s also the Henley, Port Noarlunga and Brighton beaches. Beaches are one of the most beautiful places in Adelaide, if not Australia.

6. Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide Dock Area
Be prepared for the cultural life at this stunning little port area. Port Adelaide has three unique museums, a Sunday food market, and special Fisherman’s Wharf Markets (with collectibles and vintage clothes). There are self-guided tours to take you through the 1800s buildings. Or you can take the dolphin explorer for a quick sea cruise.

7. The Town Of Hahndorf 

Restaurant At Hahndorf
Just outside main Adelaide city, lies the beautiful german settlement founded in the 1800s, and the oldest one in the whole country. Hahndorf boasts original German-style architecture, food and landscapes. Check out the authentic wineries, farm barn and hills.

8. Mount Lofty

Wide View Of Mount Lofty
Why not get in a breath of fresh air at the natural mountain ranges. They’re located about 15km east of Adelaide city, allowing one to see breathtaking panoramic views.

9. Cleland Conservation Park

Kangaroos At Cleland Conservation Park
Unlike ordinary zoos, at this wildlife park, you get the opportunity to come face-to-face with Australian fauna. One can meet and feed (animal food) to koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, bettongs, dingoes, waterbirds, snakes, reptiles, etc. 

10. Adelaide Zoo

Cute Panda At Adelaide Zoo
For the people who don’t prefer getting their hands dirty, just go to the zoo instead. Adelaide zoo is wonderful and will keep the kids thrilled for the whole day. The zoo certainly comes in as the most popular of all family attractions in Adelaide.

11. Botanic Gardens

Building At The Botanical Gardens
Finally, there are the vast 51-hectare gardens, situated at the northeast corner of the prime Adelaide city. The site is fully fenced and features traces of knowledge all along its course. Entry is free and close parking is abundant. 
I hope you enjoyed this broad guide for beautiful places to go in Adelaide city. Check out Best Ideas for Free Family Fun in the City of Adelaide from Play and Go for more in-depth inspiration. 

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