Eye Brushes You Need For Creating The Perfect Look

Eyeshadows are probably the toughest makeup item to work with. And to complicate it further, there are hundreds of eye brushes to choose from, despite only a few actually being useful. Even for complex cut creases, the following eye tools will suffice. I’ve broken down each category with simple and quick explanations. I hope you enjoy this short read and that it proves to be helpful.

The Basic: Eye Base Brush

Of course, no matter what look you’re going for, you’ll always apply some colour to the eyelids first. Base brushes help to apply base pigment onto the whole eyelids quickly. They are generally wide and dense to spread the colour evenly. If you really want the shadow to show, a little tip is to use mist spray beforehand.




For transition: Blender Brush

Ever wondered how to achieve that cool blurry effect towards the top of the eyes? Well, the lovely blender is great at doing just that. Its unique shape can add transition shades to the crease, effortlessly. You’ll get that diffused look that is very trendy.

Targeted Application: Crease Brush

Almost every look requires shadow to be put on specific places with precision. For the ultimate accuracy, you need its small narrow shape. Use this for applying stuff to the outer corners, to add depth or shading.

Detail-Oriented: Mini-Crease Brush

Apart from the above-mentioned uses, it isn’t rare for having to add ultra-small details.  When you need to highlight the lower lashline or add a few strokes here and there, look no further.

Smoky Vibes: Smudge Brush

These types of brushes will create those cool smudgy eyes we live for! Basically you can soften any product via this tool. But it doesn’t end there. Add shadow to the lower lashline, created winged liners and more as well.

Sensational Strokes: Angled Liner Brush

The angled liner brush acts like a thick pencil such that you can literally draw on your eyes. Yes, there are even thinner versions than this. However, this one does the job pretty well as it is.

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