5 Shoe Styles Every Girl Needs To Have

A good pair of shoes are all it takes to transform any basic outfit. And while everyone may not be as shoe-obsessed as me, there are certainly some universal favourites. The staples that I’ve listed below together make an ample collection, fit for all settings. You should definitely add these to your wardrobe if you haven’t already!


A classic pair of white shoes can be rocked pretty much anywhere, from the office to late night outs. They’re super on-trend right now and comfortable! What else could you ask for? I love the look of totally plain ones with minimal detailing. 


The famous inventions from the 60s has recently grown in popularity and I’m certainly not complaining. In my opinion, slides are much more aesthetic than traditional thongs or flip flops. A great pick for lounging around the house, going to the pool or beach. 


Dainty black pumps are a chic addition that complement any glam look. No matter how much of a tomboy you may be, I’m sure there might be times when you feel like dressing up a bit. Also, most women do love the height boost that even a 3-inch heel gives.


Specially in the winter and fall months, short boots are the absolute perfect accessory one could make use of! These boots come in several varieties, with/without heels, laced, so you can get one depending on your preference. If you can, I’d recommend you to purchase a pair of doc martens.


Thigh or knee high boots, whatever it is you like, are such a major fashion statement. Because of being so bold in appearance, it’s always great to tone them down with basic pieces of clothing. Feel free to reserve their use with short dresses and skirts. 

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