Everything You Need To Know About Dry Brushing

I believe that dry brushing is such a beneficial practice, which everyone should try at least once in their lives. Body brushes are regarded to be the ‘juice cleanse of the beauty world’ and for good reason indeed. First, it exfoliates by removing any dead skin cells and unclogging pores. You’re also stimulating the body’s lymphatic system to circulate more blood. Plus many scientists rave about these brushes helping to reduce cellulite. And don’t forget that this can be a great stress management tool!

Now that we’ve explored the advantages of adding dry brushes to self-care routines, let’s look at exactly how to go on about it. When it comes to personal use, there’s a few important things you should know.

If you’ve got extremely sensitive skin, then it may be a good idea to test on a small area first. Other than that, there’s really nothing to worry about. As far as the brushes go, any type made of 100% natural bristles is fine. I’d advise you to get ones with long handles, as those are great for hard to reach places, like the back. Also, many people like to do this on the face too, which needs a smaller separate brush. Most supermarket or department stores stock these, or you can try amazon. I’ve given two images of brushes suitable for the face and body respectively, to give you an idea.

The bristles should be fairly soft but firm, to give you an effective massage.

There are two different routines you can get yourself into. The more common way is to start on totally dry skin, after which you can wash off the dead skin in the shower and apply moisturiser. As an alternative, using the brush in combination with an oil or body butter following a bath. I always do the former, and would recommend you to do the same for obvious reasons.
Once you’re done with the basics, it’s time to get on with the procedure. 

Start from the feet and brush towards the heart

This’ll be the best way to get the lymphatic system flowing. From the feet, move on to the legs, stomach, back, chest, arms, neck and so on. Don’t use too much of pressure, just enough to make it work.  Stroke each area multiple times until it gets a little uncomfortable. If you want, you can also try using circular motions, especially on the places like the knee, shoulder, upper thigh and belly button.

Clean the brush thoroughly once you’re done

Yep, doing this is very important or the brush will become nothing but a harbour of bacteria. A solution of plain soap and water will do the trick. Otherwise, you can diy our own disinfectant at home, with equal parts of tea tree oil and water. Rinse your brush with either of these and hang it to dry, preferably in a sunny place. Also, make sure you put it upside down to let any remaining water escape out of it. 

Repeat the process frequently 

This isn’t a one time affair. Dry brushing can even be done on the body every single day. While, the face is much more sensitive, so limit its usage on there to twice per week. I guarantee that you’ll start to feel much more beautiful from the inside-out! Your body will be able to get rid of harmful toxins regularly. Just don’t overdo it or you may see signs of redness or inflammation. Apply a natural oil (like olive oil, coconut oil or rosehip oil), body butter or lotion at the end.

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