The Correct Order To Apply Skincare: Layer More Than 10 Products

Stocking up on annual skincare supply is only part of the package. In order to see maximum results, you must be familiar with the correct order to apply skincare.
Correct Order To Apply Skincare On Face

Generally speaking, beauty products perform one of either two functions namely, strip the skin of bad substances or add in good substances.

As a general rule of thumb, things that cleanse are used first. While nourishing formulas go towards the end. Some (like a hydrating toner) that do both, are applied in between.

When confused between items of the same category, it is best to use them in the increasing order of their molecular weight.

Correct Order To Apply Skincare

The strategy is better explained by actually listing each skincare step. Remember this is only a template that is to be accordingly modified. You may need to add/remove some products from the guide given below.

Skincare Steps

1. Makeup Remover (daily)

Speaking from common sense, makeup removers would only be required in your night-time routine. This is the first layer that should go on your skin and remove a big chunk of makeup, dirt, pollution, and oil.
A lot of women like to double-cleanse, in which the first part involves an oil-based cleanser. Either the latter or specialized wipes, pads, and micellar waters are suitable.

2. Cleanser (daily)

Although most gunk has now been rid of, a second round of cleansing is an absolute must! Obviously, face washes would be the initial step in the mornings.
Choose one that has ingredients friendly for your own skin concerns. The chosen face wash can be different for each time of the day.

3. Scrub (1-4 times a week)

A scrub -or any sort of exfoliator- acts as a regular deep clean. Apart from external particles, our skin tends to accumulate dead skin cells.
Thus, it is crucial to exfoliate at-least weekly to aid the process. People with oilier skin can go on the higher end of the spectrum. You can try this step prior to the cleanser if you really want to.

4. Face Mask (optional)

A good old face mask session can a fun activity to throw in when there is time! They can provide several beneficial ingredients that get absorbed on clean skin.
When looking at the correct order of skin care products, masks never seem to be at a specific place. Ideally, they should follow toners, but you can use them at the end or during the day.

5. Toner (daily)

The picture of a bottle of diluted alcohol may come to mind whenever I say toner. Toners have however adapted to become so much more now. A good toner attracts the last traces of grime, tightens pores, regulates the pH balance, etc.
My post Exactly How To Use Toner To Instantly Brighten Up The Skin mentions everything you need to know.

6. Spot treatment (optional)

People like me who almost always have a few zits popping up can’t afford to skip this treatment. Spot treatments are to be sparsely applied on the breakout only. Make sure you also give them enough time to dry.

7. Serums (or mists/essences)

Young ladies, don’t neglect the immense power that serums possess. Serums are potent, concentrated solutions of topical antioxidants.
They are superb at targeting common skin conditions, such as wrinkles, pigmentation, and redness. After all, prevention is better than cure.
If you still need someone to push you to the other side, Stylight Australia has jotted down the wonderful benefits that serums bring.

8. Eye cream (optional)

I’ve incorporated eye cream into my routine ever since I was 16 and never looked back. The whole under-eye area will just appear brighter with its regular usage.

9. Moisturiser (daily)

Do you see the number of products that go between cleanser and moisturizer in a proper skin care order? Yep, this is how it’s done.
I don’t really have much to say here, except never skip on moisturizing lotions. No matter whether you’re dry, oily, sensitive, or acne-prone, there’s something for everyone.

10. Face oil

Being the oily-skinned gal that I am, I’ve never given a second glance towards face oils. But for those with normal-dry skin types, heavy face oils can help hydrate and seal in all other applications.
This may sound confusing but oil can be used in place of a cleanser at times. In that case, face oils would take over steps 1 and 2. If you’d like more help on the matter, feel free to explore my oil cleansing guide.

11. SPF (daily)

And don’t possibly forget the sunscreen. Moisturiser and SPF are the two keys to anti-aging.
I’d recommend getting a good mineral sunblock, with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. The SPF in makeup products alone is not really sufficient for everyday use.
I’ve got two articles solely dedicated to good old sunscreen because that’s how much I love it!
Most people are not accustomed to more than these 11 steps in skincare routines. Leave a comment down below if you think I missed any. 

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