5 Best Apps For iPhone That Every Female Should Download

Best Apps For iPhone Of All Time

Chances are you’re not utilizing technology to the fullest. Social media and all can be pretty exciting, but smartphones can bring so much more than that. Here are a few of the best apps for iPhone that I think have proven to be quite productive for me.

Women of all ages tend to enjoy these smartphone applications, including teenagers and young adults. Almost every single one is available on the android platform too.

Most Popular Apps For Teenagers

App No.1: Clue

Good Period Tracking App That Is Completely Free

In my opinion, Clue is the best period and ovulation tracker. It’s available on both iOS and Android. Apart from your cycles, it can also interpret other activities. This includes different types of pain, emotions, energy levels, etc.

If out of all the apps every girl needs, there is one that must be given first priority, Clue wins hands down. I don’t know what I’d do with my highly irregular periods without this tech buddy!

Heck, the multimillion French company Elle has written a lot of good stuff about it in its article The Race To Hack Your Period Is On.


App No.2: UVIMate

App Everyone Needs To Prevent Damage From The Sun

Put simply, this is an app that will constantly monitor the UV rays present in the atmosphere. You’ll know at exactly what times it is necessary to apply sunscreen. If notifications are set on, UVIMate will also alert you in times of danger.



App No.3: 8fit

Female Health And Fitness App For Workouts

Sure you might go to the gym. But, what if you’re traveling or are crazy enough to feel like exercising at 3am? 8fit is a great app that makes workouts possible at home with nothing but a phone. The free version is sufficient, however, you do get much more features once you upgrade.


App No.4: Truecaller

Top Caller Identity App

If you don’t have Truecaller installed on your phone already, then do so right now! It’s immensely helpful to avoid unwanted calls and identify pretty much anyone.


App No.5: Shazam 

Best App Of All Time To Find Songs

We often hear amazing songs at parties and shopping malls but can never seem to find them. Shazam does this job for you. Plus an amazing library of music can be found!

Have you used any of these great apps before? What was your experience? I know a lot more teenage apps for iPhone that I’d be willing to make a separate article on. Please mention if you’d like to see that.


Also, I would love it if you could share any of your thoughts in the comments down below! If you enjoyed this you could check out a similar post of mine, 9 Tips On How To Sleep Faster Every Night: Powerful Lifestyle Changes.

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