15 Basic Hair Care Tips That Make A Huge Difference To Its Health

Basic Hair Care Tips For Girls

The condition of your hair plays a big part in overall appearance. It then makes sense to adopt at least a couple basic hair care tips into a daily routine. While there can be other factors, the biggest threat to strong strands is them being dry and damaged.

Also, we all can admit that having split ends or frizzy hair isn’t a good look either. By paying just a little more attention, it’s not so hard to avoid these problems at all. Here are some healthy hair habits girls can follow.

How To Take Care Of Hair Naturally

Hair Care Tip No.1– Train your hair to be washed as least often as possible. As a general idea, this should be between 2-7 days. Stick towards the longer range of the spectrum unless you’ve been dealt with a particularly oily scalp.

Hair Care Tip No.2– Coming from common sense, always brush or comb from the bottom up to ensure the least breakage.

Hair Care Tip No.3– Gravitate towards sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, unless your hair requires extreme cleansing.

Hair Care Tip No.4– Aim to get regular trims for a minimum of every four months.

Hair Care Tip No.5– Apply nourishing hair products starting from the ends and work your way up (depending on your hair type).

Hair Care Tip No.6– If your roots are oily but lengths are dry, run a natural boar bristle brush to distribute the extra sebum. Yahoo life has got a slideshow featuring these incredible brushes at all price ranges.

Hair Care Tip No.7– Home remedies, especially homemade DIY masks are highly underrated (my favorite ingredients are rice water and egg) or you could also go for store-bought ones when you feel like it.

Hair Care Tip No.8– Drink a ton of water daily, this is good for maintaining your skin and nails as well. Not surprisingly, I’m sure you know this doesn’t just come under healthy hair habits, but a healthy lifestyle.

Hair Care Tip No.9– Take biotin or other hair supplements. (I’d recommend consulting with a doctor beforehand if you plan to take many) Best Women’s Supplements In 2020 has a list of commonly taken vitamins for beauty problems.

Hair Care Tip No.10– Refrain from brushing the hair when it’s wet. If doing so is absolutely necessary, use a wide-toothed comb.

Hair Care Tip No.11– Similar to the previous point, tying hair straight out of the shower isn’t a good idea. Instead, use a specially designed microfibre towel to keep it in place.

Hair Care Tip No.12– Try not to use excessive heat on your mane. If you must blow-dry, make sure to add a shot of cool air at the end. In all cases, use a good quality heat protectant.

Hair Care Tip No.13– Get metal-free hair elastics. Things like scrunchies or invisibobbles are also highly trending.

Hair Care Tip No.14– Consider using hair sunscreen, or hair products with broad-spectrum SPF. This tip can minimize drying time and fix dull hair.

Hair Care Tip No.15– Thoroughly massage your scalp and roots to stimulate hair growth. Don’t hesitate to experiment by doing it at different times, perhaps with oil or your head upside-down.

This is one of the healthy hair hacks that I use all the time and have mentioned in one of my posts as well. Click on the first link given below to read about it in detail.  

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