How To Build Your Activewear Wardrobe

Athletic Women Running On Track

If you’ve just started to get serious about your fitness, one of the most important things you can do is to get some good quality active gear. Trust me, it really makes a big difference. For a start, you can get yourself measured and find out your sizes in each category of items. Then, start shopping for the styles you like. Remember to check out the quality of the material before purchasing anything. This doesn’t mean you can’t pick up stuff from the local departmental store, just be more careful. For some quick tips of taking care of your activewear, check out this post: Tips To Make Activewear Last A Lifetime.

I’d say, at least, you should have more than enough pieces to get you through a week of workouts. For instance, if you work out 5 days a week, then it would be preferred to have 6-7 pieces. And this is applicable for each, tops and bottoms. Again, things widely vary based on the weather in which you live and/or where you work out. 
Depending on your budget, you can opt for more expensive ones from LululemonAlo and Gymshark, medium-priced options like Lorna JaneAdidasNike and Puma or affordable pieces from TargetKmart, etc. They all come with their pros and cons. I will say that more high-end pieces can feel more luxurious. But, any clothing purchased from a decent shop will do a pretty good job.
Make sure they’re made out of a suitable synthetic fibre (such as polyester, elastane or nylon) that offers compression, sweat-wicking and comfort. I’d suggest you avoid natural fibres like cotton and only purchase clothing that’s specifically made for this purpose.  
Now, let’s start with the actual process. 



Orange Gym Leggings
Whenever we think about activewear, the first thing that probably comes to our mind are leggings. These pieces have grown immense popularity as streetwear and athleisure alike. Leggings are suitable for all temperatures, but if you’re working out outside in the cold, you could get your hands on a fleece-lined pair as well. It can often seem like any pair of leggings will do, however that is absolutely not the case. Loose ones can need pulling up every 5 seconds and tighter ones can restrict movement. To get the right size, accurately find your waist and hip measurements and compare it with the size guide. If you’re still not sure, try some on and see what feels comfortable. 
I would recommend you have a basic black pair as well because it goes with everything and keeps sweat patches to the minimum.


Workout Shorts
The next big thing after leggings has certainly got to be shorts. They work especially great in the summers and add a refreshing touch to your wardrobe. The sizing isn’t as difficult as it is with leggings, but still, make you sure you get the right ones. Loose ones will show too much and tighter ones can give camel toe. 


Woman Wearing A Sports Bra
Another very important component of your outfit is your bra-top. Women with an A cup can practically get away with any style but others need to be a bit more vigilant. If you know your breasts need more support or are going through intense jumping movements, then choose high-intensity bras. Here’s the basic breakdown:
Low impact activities: weight training, yoga, cycling, golf, etc
Medium impact activities:  inline skating, fast walking, hiking, etc
High impact activities: running, dancing, aerobics, kickboxing, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc 
To figure out the sizing, you must measure your bust and waist. Another thing to take care of is the padding. If your nipples are likely to show through, then I’d advise keeping the removable pads in. Alternatively, many women don’t experience such a problem and choose to take them out. So, see what works for you best and choose accordingly. 


Girl Wearing Gym Tank Top
Tops are the easy part, there’s nothing you really need to watch out for, expect the fit. Just make sure it’s not too baggy or too tight are you’re good to go. There are a variety of styles to choose from, such as cropped tops, tank tops, short-sleeved ones or long sleeve tops. It all comes down to what you feel good in. Also, it’s not absolutely necessary to wear them as you can totally exercise in a sports bra. But having a top over sometimes feels good. 


Two Girls Wearing Gym Sweatshirts
And last but not least, is the outer layer of gym wear, exclusively for regions that experience a colder climate during some part of the year. Even then. it can get pretty hot indoors, so go for lightweight pieces. If you run or exercise outdoors, warmer clothing can also be an option. I only like to go for cropped sweaters, but that’s just my preference. You can have fewer of these (like 4-5). If you feel like you don’t need them in the gym, it’s still a good idea to wear one on your journey to and fro. 


Pink Workout Socks
These sorts of things are usually ignored but do play a major role, so invest in a bit more as they can get dirty pretty quick, I think 10-12 pieces for socks and underwear each is a good idea.


White Gym Trainers
1-2 pairs of comfortable sports shoes are sufficient for training, particularly one for the gym and the other for running or intense cardio.

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