Tips To Make Activewear Last A Lifetime

Woman Working Out In Gym

Activewear, gym wear, sportswear, workout gear or whatever you call it, is indeed a key part of fitness freak’s lives. Most of them are now made out of synthetic fibres, usually a mix of polyester and elastane which provide the best experience to the consumer. Sweat is effectively absorbed and can’t show up on embarrassing places. Also, your body moves easily and with greater flexibility. Besides the physical benefits, can’t we all admit how motivating ‘cute’ workout clothes prove to be?

However, a single mistake and your hard-earned money can go down the drain (or washing machine). So I’ve got a few simple do’s for ensuring that isn’t the case with your sports wardrobe. Just remember to follow these easy tips and I guarantee your clothes will still look as new from the day you first purchased them.

1. Turn each item inside-out before placing it in the laundry

Girl Washing Her Activewear
Just think about it practically, you sweat more on the inside of your clothes and want to preserve the outside detailing as much as possible. So why wouldn’t you not reverse your clothing? And although I’m just particularly talking about gym gear, it can be a good idea to follow for the rest of your apparel too.

2. Wash in cold water only

Cold Water Used To Wash Activewear
No, it doesn’t matter whether your going for the machine or hand-washing them yourself. Elastane is a very delicate material that can lose its form on contact with hot water in a matter of seconds. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your leggings to get loose and baggy after their first wash.

3. Skip the dryer

Avoid Dryers For Activewear
A little bit of common sense is all you need to understand this one. Obviously, if hot water does no good, then the steaming hot air released in the dryer is definitely a big no-no. Instead, opt for air-drying which is good for those clothes and electricity bills at the same time.

4. Avoid using fabric softeners

Avoid Fabric Softeners For Activewear
I’m sure your sports apparel is already very soft and doesn’t require more treatment. Actually, this can often degrade the quality of the material and shorten its lifespan.

5. Do (preferably) use an anti-bacterial detergent

Anti-bacterial Detergent For Gymwear
These specialised detergents are better at removing pesky smells and that means you’ll have to do the laundry less frequently. But, if you can’t get your hands on one, a normal variety still seems to be good enough.

6. Keep the whites, coloured and blacks separate

Different Coloured Clothes Separated
I’m not talking about the racial division in South Africa XD. Just make sure to divide your pieces into three separate piles each consisting of the black, coloured and white garments. This technique majorly helps to retain the quality of your pieces.

7. Keep a lint-roller and fabric shaver handy

Lint On Clothes
Despite giving sufficient care to our active gear, they can still accumulate a bit of dirt, pilling or fuzz. If that is the case with you, stress no more, because a quick roll of first a lint-roller and then a fabric shaver will remove all of these problems. Best of all, these two items are very cheap and last quite a while.

8. Have a decent amount in each category

Woman Exercising In Public
Please don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t want everyone to buy hundreds of expensive clothing items (but if that’s your thing then, sure). All I’m trying to put out is having around 7 different pairs of sports bras, tops, bottoms and socks each is the ideal. This’ll mean your clothes get washed less frequently and you also have more variety to choose from. If you would like to know about building your activewear wardrobe, check out this post @ How To Build Your Activewear Wardrobe

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