9 Hair Accessories Trends 2022 You Need To Know

Woman Wearing Black Hair Accessory

Accessories are the final ingredient in the recipe of a perfect outfit. They can make or break a look, so it’s very important to give a thought or two about them. In most cases, less is always more, provided the chosen pieces are beautiful.

Although no accessory ever goes out of style, there are some hair accessories trends 2022 on the rage right now. Below you’ll find some of the best options available, which may either be in style or a classic.

Must Have Hair Accessories In 2022


Of course, these just had to be included first in the list. First patented in 1987 by Ronny Revson as ‘Scunci’ the beauties evolved to be called as scrunchies because of their scrunched-up appearance.

They have made a huge comeback and even made it into the definition of the teen VSCO GIRL. These beauties are found in various shapes, sizes, materials, patterns and more.

I love them so much because (unlike ordinary hair ties), they are super comfortable, loose, durable and non-damaging. The ones made out of silk are even better for your hair. I’d highly suggest each girl have at least a pair of these.

Colourful Silk Scrunchies

Pearl/Rhinestone Hair Clips

I would’ve never imagined myself to be ever wearing anything like this, but these have slowly made their way into my heart. And I’m not alone.

The style of such chunky but cute hair clips has been adopted by many fashionistas around the globe. It’s not just for young teen girls, but pretty much any lady can pull off this look in her own way.

If you’re not in for the large clips, you can opt for the same design in the bobby clip variety.

White Beaded Hair Clips


I own two, but I’m still not satisfied. Bandanas are a unisex item, can even be worn by men. Apart from making you look chic, they also conveniently keep your hair out of the way.

You can tie them in whichever way your heart desires. I love wearing these to the beach, or for those sporty days. Kylie Jenner has also paired one with a hoodie and leggings, which proves the versatility of the bandana.

Printed Silk Bandana

Bobby Pins

The good old pins keep your hair in place and can add great details to your hairstyle. It’s always better to buy them from a good store and go with the thicker ones for the best possible quality.

They come in various lengths, and ideally, a girl should have a mix of very short, medium and long ones. The pin size required depends on the purpose your using it for.

Also, different ones work for different hair types. There are some very unconventional designs out there as well, as in the picture underneath.

Tip: Place the wavy end towards your hair strand, that’ll ensure it keeps the hair in place for a long time.

Beaded Bobby Pins


Most gals wouldn’t have even heard of these, and that’s what makes them so special. You’ll be wearing something so unique, yet so elegant. Headchains are especially great for the days you want to dress up.

I don’t think they’re suitable for very formal or casual events. However, they are the absolute perfect addition to a night out, lunch brunch, birthday party, etc.

Silver Metallic Head Chain

Fabric Headbands

Yes, headbands are pretty. But, what’s, even more, better are those made out of fabric. They replace the childish look ordinary bands give and replace it with a more feminine vibe.

Instead of placing these right on top of your hair, you must put them under your hair as well as over your forehead and pull them into place. They can be extremely thick or wide. Some of the styles I love are pictured below.

Striped Fabric Headbands

Hair beads

Another not so popular accessory are beads specially made for the hair. They can be put in braids or open strands of hair. Zendaya has often been seen rocking them very well. They’re especially great for kids and young girls.

Mini Hair Beads

Circle Hair Clips

There’s not much to say about these, apart from the fact that they are the coolest hair clips I’ve ever seen. I agree that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but those who can pull these off are true legends.

Circle Hair Clips

Hair Ties

I’m not talking about those standard hair ties in every market that we’re all probably sick of seeing. This when put on, looks absolutely gorgeous and as if one has tied their hair with a ribbon.

These start off as a normal hair elastic but have attachments on their ends, that give the feel of a knot. You might have trouble finding these, but many are available at SheIn.

Printed Long Hair Tie
Woman Wearing Hair Tie, One Of The Hair Accessories Trends 2022

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