5 Jean Styles To Try On In 2022

Model Shopping For One Of The 5 Jean Styles To Try On In 2022

In the recent age, jeans have become a worldwide fashion sensation among both men and women. Denim was invented as early as back in the 19th century. Though, it wasn’t until the 1970’s that they became so widely worn.

 Today, we most often see youngsters sporting skinny jeans. But, there are so many other highly stylish pieces that are bound to make heads turn. These include pairs straight out of the 90s or recently grown trends from instagram.

Here are 5 jean styles to try on in 2022 when you want to make a bold statement!

 The Boyfriend Jean

Extremely Ripped Boyfriend Jeans
A pair of boyfriend jeans are certainly aren’t a very rare sight and can be found at pretty much any regular store.
They’ve got a pretty much straight fit, getting lose towards the bottom. Pants like these come in several colors, styles and shapes. Some are highly ripped while others are more polished. 
The most basic of these is definitely a light blue wash ripped pair.

Wide Jeans

Dark Blue Wide Flare Up Jeans
Unlike boyfriend jeans, this 90s vibe has a flare, so it gets much wider at the end. These jeans can be designed to reach past your ankles or be cropped. Styling such a unique piece can be hard but look very classy.

Panel Patchwork Jeans

Mid Wash Panel Patchwork Jeans
I bet you didn’t see something like this coming! We’ve got to appreciate the beauty of this masterpiece. Patched jeans can have a combination of different washes, prints, stripes, images, etc


Denim Joggers

Relaxed Denim Joggers
Joggers can be described as a hybrid between sweatpants and jeans. They’re the best option for casual settings or when you’re in need of something comfy to wear.

Acid Wash Jeans

Cropped Grey Acid Wash Jeans
If you’re looking to go only a bit adventurous, then these are your new best friend.




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