11 Best Things To Put In A Gym Bag If You’re A Woman

Women Reading About What To Put In A Gym Bag

Going to the gym can be quite overwhelming, particularly for beginners. But, there’s a whole lot of things that make the process easier. Once you develop the habit, the gym can even be an enjoyable place.

Best Things To Put In A Gym Bag

I’ve listed some of the best things to put in a gym bag below. Keep in mind, most of these are applicable for workouts at any other place as well.

1. A Water Bottle

Nike Water Bottle
Having some water at hand during workouts is by-far the most important! Exercising without getting enough H2O significantly reduces performance.
So, you must have a good-quality big (1 or 2 litre) bottle at all times. Personally, I prefer steel bottles over plastic ones which can release bpa chemicals. Flasks can also be purchased which keep beverages hot or cold.

2. Earphones

Apple AirPods
Most of the time, I’m in the mood for listening to good beats during workouts. Music can motivate you to get off your bed and make you feel more energetic.
Though some people use wired earphones, it’s always better to get a pair of wireless ones. There are several cheap options you can find that give the same experience as AirPods or Beats.

3. Phone Charger

Phone Charger
Of course, you will require your phone to connect earphones to. Also, it’s never a good idea to be having a dead phone, especially in case of emergency. Thus, it makes sense to be place a charging wire inside your gym bag or car.

4. Sanitiser

Dettol Hand Sanitiser
I can guarantee that you won’t regret this decision straight after a sweaty session! A few drops of sanitiser will really clean your hands and refreshen them up for the day. It can also be applied whenever you feel dirty after using particular machines or equipment.

5.  Hair Elastics

Black Invisibobble
You never know when a hair tie snaps or gets misplaced. Trust me, your gym day getting hampered due to a single hair tie is certainly not ideal. Sweat-proof hair accessories, like the invisibobble or scrunchies are good choices.

6. Yoga Mat

Purple Yoga Mat
Sometimes, you may want to do some exercises on a yoga mat or finish off with a stretch. It’s great to have a lightweight yoga mat to keep that option open. Though some gyms do provide mats, I think it’s much more hygienic to bring your own.

7. A pair of trainers/flat shoes

Nike Trainers
Depending on the types of exercises you’ll be doing, make sure you have the appropriate footwear. Specifically if you’re heading to the gym straight from work or college, it’s best to have a pair of shoes already in your bag.

8. A Towel

Woman Wearing A Towel, One Of The Best Things To Put In A Gym Bag
Our bodies can sometimes get a bit too sweaty with all the activity we put them through. For the sake of the wellbeing of yourself and others, it’s nice to wipe it all off with a gym towel. This can protect machinery from getting dirty as well.

9. Resistance Bands

Red Resistance Band
As time goes by and working out gets easier, resistance bands can be added for greater intensity. They come in various sizes and levels. I see a vast difference in using these bands, especially in working the muscles of the involved area.

10. Dry Shampoo

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo
Unfortunately, as a girl with extremely oily hair, I know the struggle of managing to keep hair clean between washes. While it’s tempting to wash it everyday, doing so can be damaging and unrealistic. The best solution is dry shampoo, particularly if you’re going somewhere directly from the gym.

11. Post Workout Snack

MB Protein Bar
Nourishing the body shortly after exercise (or within two hours) is recommended for best results. That is why you should keep a few healthy snacks, filled with proteins and carbohydrates with you. Things like protein bars or even fruits are some ideas for you to consider.
I hope this helps with finding inspiration for the next time you feel lost about what to put in a womens gym bag. You may also like the Best Gym Accessories For Females To Increase Efficiency and Performance.

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