101 Things To Do When Bored For Girls- Boredom Activities To Make Life Fun

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Most people in this world, regardless of how ‘busy’ they may seem to be, experience a feeling called boredom every now and then. Your mind may get perennially bored as a consequence of not enjoying your life as much or due to a variety of other temporary factors. Being sick, home alone, having no friends or stressed out are just some of them.

Being a women’s lifestyle blog, this post is catering to prevent boredom commonly found in female teenagers and young adults. Fortunately, I’ve discovered its cure and there is not one, but multiple things to do when bored for girls. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list of boredom activities.

Random Things To Do When Bored For Girls

1. Watch Netflix  (No, I don’t mean Netflix and Chill.)
2. Start blogging/vlogging (Just so you know, that’s exactly what I did.)
3. Take a hot shower/bath (Feel free to add some music or bath bombs.)
4. Put on face/hair/lip masks
5. Style your hair
6. Give yourself a manicure or pedicure
7. Paint your nails
8. Take a walk or jog in your neighbourhood
9. Work out
You don’t need a fancy gym membership or 3 hours a day to get started. I’ve started my fitness journey by following youtube workouts and click on this link to find out how you can too: Popular Youtube Workout Channels To Kickstart Your Fitness Game In 2021.
10. Go to a restaurant
11. Call a friend or relative
12. Go to the movies
13. Click some photos
Polaroid Camera To Use For Photography And Bust Boredom
14. Check out Instagram
15. Shave your face aka dermaplaning
It makes your face glow and is actually really good for you.
16. Tie-dye your shirts

17. Indulge in some online shopping

18. Go to the mall

19. Study a course you are interested in

20. Find a job
21. Dance in a silent disco (That means locking the door, wearing your earphones and grooving to the beat.)
22. Make a snack for yourself
23. Play a video game
24. Make a Tiktok video
25. Watch Youtube
26. Discover your hobbies
27. Travel to a distant place
Woman Touching Glass When Bored At Home
28. Reorganize your wardrobe
29. Make DIY things
30. Measure your height and weight
31. Write down your goals and aspirations
32. Get your body hair and eyebrows waxed
33. Go to the beach (If you can, that is.)
34. Learn about different countries
35. Play dress up
36. Visit the doctor for a check-up
37. Be on the look-out for a romantic partner (Only if your single and ready to mingle.)
38. Feed the poor
39. Change your bedsheets
40. Get a nice tattoo
41. Change the layout of your room
42. Do the laundry
43. Make a smoothie
44. Read a book
45. Listen to some music
46. Meditate (One very simple way- do nothing for 10 minutes.)
47. Go to the spa/sauna
48. Visit an amusement park
49. Make an account of your money balances
50. Try singing
51. Give a total makeover to someone
52. Play truth or dare with your friends
53. Try to do mimicry of random people or celebs
54. Colour (I personally find this all way too boring.)
55. Attend a play, musical or concert
56. Go to a fashion show
57. Start skateboarding
58. Go cycling
59. Join meetups
60. Learn another accent
61. Help someone out
62. Strike up conversations with strangers
63. Learn to play a sport
64. Pray
65. Read articles (like mine:)
66. Clean up your house
67. Donate your old things to the poor
68. Go bowling
69. Make new friends
70. Try doing things with your non-dominant hand (The ambidextrous people can go to hell.)
71. Sort out your phone (This includes your photos, apps, notes, reminders, etc)
72. Drink a glass of water
73. Take a nap
74. Learn a new language
75. Do something you’re afraid of
76. Go to the library
77. Find a way to make money
78. Do a puzzle, crossword, sudoku, etc
79. Read the news
80. Start gardening
81. Watch tv
82. Clean your makeup brushes and other things in your bathroom
83. Wipe your phone and laptop with special disinfectant (It probably has a lot of bacteria on it.)
84. Write love notes to that special someone
85. Make a fake social media account and test your partners’ loyalty towards you
86. Plan a party
87. Join a club or class you’re interested in
88. Write a poem or song
89. Visit the zoo
Visiting Palm Trees At Beach Is A Boredom Activity
90. Get a pet
91. Try painting
92. Stretch (You can do this after step #9 too…)
93. Make a vision board in your room
94. Update your resume
95. Play brain strengthening games (I’ve got Lumosity on my phone.)
96. Invite a friend to your place
97. Annoy your siblings (If you have any.)
98. Make a bucket list
99. Play board games or cards
100. Go to a bar or club
101. Get drunk
Girl VS globe also has some excellent ideas at 100 Productive Things To Do In PJs for those still hungry for similar content.

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