10 Must Have Tops For Teenage Girls And Women

Kylie Jenner Wearing One Of The Must Have Tops For Teenage Girls And Women

Have you ever heard about the famous social media 80/20 rule? This term is popular amongst fashion experts and enthusiasts alike and means that the average person 80% of the time, wears ONLY 20% of their clothing.

Presumably, this small portion of our wardrobe consists of mainly basic items. I believe basic tops are an integral part of any outfit. They are trendy, can balance statement pieces, work as good casual outfits, match with everything, and are useful in layering.

A wardrobe lacking in basics is like a forest without trees. It girls like Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner are frequently seen rocking such looks effortlessly.

Depending on your style, you can opt for a skin-tight fit or alternatively a more relaxed feel. Whatever your choice may be, you can never live without a good collection of basic tops.

Today I’ll be telling you the must have tops for teenage girls and how they can be altered according to your needs. Also, I’ll give some looks for each category, so you get to know exactly what I’m talking about. So let’s get started on with our list.

The products I’ve shown are all from Asos, just because I really adore their clothing and think they have are the most variety ever. If you’ve shopped there before you probably know that Asos has specialised apparel for the plus-sized, petite, tall, and skinny.
Gigi Hadid Wearing Black Crop Top

1. Black And White Tank Tops

These pieces are like the basics of the basics. Go for a loose, flowy and normal length top if you’re going for the more conservative look or try a super-cropped body-hugging sheer one like Kylie. Whatever you’re cool with is fine, just make sure you’ve grabbed one in white and one in black. After you’ve got these neutral shades down, you can also get them in other colours.
Simple Essential Tank Tops

2. Button Up Shirts

Whether it’s for that formal dress code party or a super important interview, it’s necessary to keep a button-down shirt handy with you. You don’t have to get an all-white one, cause that can get super boring, but it must be something very versatile. The kind of shirts in the pictures below is generally a good option. Feel free to buy from the men’s section if you prefer doing that.
Classic Printed Formal Shirts

3. Satin Camis

This is for the times when you wanna look like your putting in the effort but don’t want to go too overboard as well. This’ll work great with statement pieces but adhere to your formal style. If you’re bold enough then you can even try ones adorned with a cowl neck or sexy lace.
Silk Camis

4. Plain Hoodies

I knew this must have come quite unexpected to you but if you think about it, these look like the best with very complex bottoms paired underneath. Like with shiny leopard pants or bright Adidas sweatpants, plain hoodies are the way to go.
Plain Basic Hoodie

5. Denim Shirts or Jackets

Denim on denim has emerged as a big trend and what better way is there to adopt this style than to invest in a denim top. Plus it’ll look super cute and unique when worn otherwise as well. You can opt for the conventional denim buttoned shirt or go for a twist.
Fancy Denim Tops

6. Neutral Blazers

The most signature look of a GirlBoss consists of a good quality neutral blazer. Not just for working women, every female can pull this off exceptionally well if done the right way. I love the look of relaxed blazers such as the one on the right below, even more.
Printed Formal Blazers

7. Leather Jackets

Again, I don’t know about you but I’m really feeling the vibe of leather on leather outfits as well. You can never have enough leather, but if I were to choose a single item, it would definitely be leather jackets.

Fashionable Leather Jacket

8. Striped Tees

These are the perfect mix between basic and trendy, and you’ll also surprisingly get a lot of wear out of them.

Casual Striped Tops

9. Sheer Tops

Sheer tops are great for when you would like to flaunt your cute floral bra or Calvin Klein crop top. However, if you’re the modest type or not into that sort of thing, they’re still great for layering over camis.
Sheer Transparent Top

10. Lacy Tops

Last but not least on my list are lacy tops. I don’t really think I’ve got to say much on these, just that they’re chic and super fun.

White Laced Tops
I hope you agree with my opinion on must have tops for every girl! Did you know you can look stylish in any clothing you choose to wear? Read How To Look Stylish In Any Clothes: 12 Incredible Fashion Tips For Girls for more information.

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