10 of The Most Popular Activewear Brands That Are Affordable in 2022

Women Wearing Clothing From The Most Popular Activewear Brands

Whether you go to the gym regularly or like to put up with some home workouts (see Popular Youtube Workout Channels To Kickstart Your Fitness Game In 2022), it’s always great to refreshen your workout clothing. Nowadays, activewear is commonly used as loungewear or part of comfy outfits.

Everything is great about activewear, except the heavy price tag that comes with the clothing. Very cheap dupes to the most popular activewear brands do exist, but they often fail to compete with regard to quality.

Best Affordable and Most Popular Activewear Brands

Luckily, I’ve tested and tried most of the brands out there. I’ve to come to the lovely conclusion that the most popular activewear brands can be affordable. So, this is a list of some of the best stores it comes down to.

1. Cotton On 

Cotton On Sports Bra
Cotton On has a great collection of pretty much everything you can imagine, from sports bras to even shoes. Their quality isn’t at par with Lululemon but you certainly get your money’s worth. Girls who love their workout gear to be patterned or colourful, will love shopping from here.

2. H&M

H&M Web Page For Gym Clothes
H&M products are very reasonably priced and they often have great sales on top of that. Plus, you’ll find one of their stores in almost any country on the planet. This is great for quality basics and trendy styles, as well as plus sizes. Also, they often collaborate with several high-end companies, such as P.E. Nation. 

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 Crop Top And Leggings
Most of Forever’s items have a pretty good quality, although some can look a bit cheap. It’s best to do thorough check before purchasing them or you could always return them. 

4. Puma

Puma Home Page
Here comes the first brand specialising in sportswear. Whilst keeping the same quality standard as some of its other counterparts, puma manages to stand out with its low prices.

5. Target

Target Gym Tank Top And Leggings
The famous department store has products from several brands like Lonsdale and Champion. It also has its own activewear line which is no less either, with matching sets and cute basics. 

6. Kmart 

Kmart Active Bike Shorts
Like from Forever 21, the quality, fit or material may be an issue for some items. However at this price range, Kmart has good good stuff, especially from another brand called Everlast.

7. Fila

Fila Sports Bra
In exchange for being a bit on the higher side of prices, you get the trendy label of a reputable company. I find a lot of their stuff as a must-have addition to my closet. 

8. Adidas

Adidas Sports Bra
If you’re in need of training gear that serves high-performance and is long lasting, then surely check adidas out.


Bonds Sports Bra
An iconic Australian brand, known for its underwear and socks, having unique sports clothing too. 

10. Reebok

Online Clothing At Reebok, One of the Most Popular Activewear Brands
Reebok also a great option and their clothing is well-fitting. I have one of their sports bras and it fits like second skin but is super comfortable at the same time.

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